In Love and Shadow: Your Guide to Venus Retrograde from Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings | Haute Macabre

In Love and Shadow: Your Guide to Venus Retrograde from Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

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Please welcome Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings as a guest contributor to Haute Macabre! Leah is a gifted astrologer, and is lending us her insight on the Venus Retrograde we are about to enter, lasting from October 5 through November 16, 2018, and what that means for each of us individually.


In astrology, each of the planets represent a facet of our human experience. Venus is considered the love planet. It is highly relational and seeks emotional bonds, romantic and platonic. In your birth chart, Venus shows how you want to receive love. It is the bringer of balance, conductor of justice, and beholder of beauty. It is the muse that inspires works of art. Venus is attuned to sensuality, with a desire to live in harmony with nature and with others. Venus represents your aesthetic, attractions, and personal taste.

Every 18 months, for about 40 days and nights, Venus appears to move backward in the sky. This is called Venus Retrograde. When a planet is retrograde, it essentially means that its function turns inward. This year, Venus Retrograde occurs from October 5th-November 16th, 2018. During this time, you will benefit more from looking within than from looking outside of yourself to achieve balance. Don’t be surprised if old stories that stem from past patterns in relationships re-appear. This is an opportunity to heal wounds from them you might still be carrying.

One of Venus’s symbols is the mirror, which is an invitation for reflection. During Venus Retrograde, look deeply into yourself, beyond appearances and illusions. Rather than project your fears and desires onto others, Venus Retrograde presents an opportunity to explore the truth within yourself. This is not a time to make any major changes in your relationships, appearance, or current situations, but it is a time to take notice and observe how you’re feeling about them. What are you craving, longing for, needing? In addition to peering into the past to better understand your present, Venus Retrograde is a time to reassess your values so that you might live in better accordance with them.

This Venus Retrograde travels through the signs of Scorpio and Libra. Both signs offer unique opportunities for healing throughout Venus’s shadow journey. Attention to the Houses that Venus Retrograde moves through in your birth chart can provide insight into which areas of your life are most impacted. During the retrograde, Venus will become a “morning star”, a promise of the light that follows darkness. Remember to carry compassion and kindness with you along the way.

October 5th-October 31st 2018: Venus Rx in Scorpio
Themes: Loss, Sexuality, Power (personal + collective)
Intimacy Issues, Buried Emotions, Shadow, Self- Forgiveness, Complexity, Empowerment Through Authenticity, Transformation

Rather than hold onto the past, extract the beauty and the lessons you’ve learned from it. Celebrate each of the steps you take toward greater honesty and healing.

October 31st- November 16th 2018: Venus Rx in Libra
Themes: Contemplation, Heart-Healing, Rest, Self-Love, Beauty, Relationships, Balance, Justice

What is the core issue you are having trouble with? You may need to spend some time alone to understand it more. This isn’t a time for action when it comes to relationships, it’s a time for deeper reflection. Immerse yourself in doing what facilitates peace of mind and answers will follow.

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Aries expresses itself through the fire element. Reflect on the ways you can revitalize your relationship with yourself to keep passion alive in your relationships. Vulnerability requires courage and a sense of right timing.


Building a loving relationship with your body is integral to experiencing a sense of grounding and belonging. What pain are you storing in your body? What is ready to be released? Relationships are most sustainable when they honor and contribute to your growth & sense of self-worth.


Gemini is a fluid sign. Venus in Gemini needs room to change, adapt, and be curious in relationships. What stories about love have you been telling yourself? Review the plot to discover where there is room for more agency.


Cancer is the sign of the healer, nurturer, and protector. How have you been protecting and caring for your own heart? Listen deeply to your desires. Do this without judgement, and without needing others to validate what you’re feeling.


Your creativity is linked to your self-expression. Leo lives and loves in a dramatic way. How are you expressing yourself these days? Where can you channel your energy to create what you’ve been dreaming about? It may be a good time for you to dig up ideas from the past and assess if they still have value to you.


Virgo views love as sacred. Once someone has gained your trust, you can make excuses for their behavior. It’s not your job to fix anyone- it’s your job to love yourself enough to know how you want and deserve to be treated. Small gestures of care can go a long way.


Venus is at home in the sign of Libra, amplifying Venus’s Retrograde journey through this sign. Libra is attuned to romance, beauty, and the arts. Relationships are essential. Reflect on the meaning of justice. Use both logic and intuition to love in a way that’s in alignment with your values.


Scorpio loves passionately and deeply. Scorpio can bring out repressed feelings and place them under a microscope. What do you need to heal? You are here to trust your inner knowing and explore the intensity in your encounters.


Sagittarius is drawn to those with different experiences from their own so that they can learn about life through a different lens. Explore some of your conditioning about love and relationships to define what it really means to you. Reflect on your experiences to see if there is room for new perspectives to emerge.


Capricorn needs a solid foundation of respect to feel secure. If you are resisting change, there may be an ingredient missing. When you exhibit authentic self-respect by living in alignment with your values, you inspire the same in others. Balance your connections and interactions with solitude and alone time to ease tension.


Look at love like an experiment, so you can live outside of the confines of societal norms and projections. Each relationship and human interaction has a unique chemistry. When you pay attention to what’s actually there, rather than what “should be”, innovation and solutions are possible.


If you are feeling sentimental, this can alert you to where you are attached to the past. Allow yourself to explore those memories to extract new meaning from them. Just remember to also be present with what is here, now.

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