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Haute Macabre Small Business Special: Meet the Sponsors


Apatico specializes in handmade harnesses, headpieces, and adornments in leather and PVC.  Drawing inspiration from art, literature, pop culture, and history to create pieces that are easy to wear yet striking. Custom sizing is always free.Each piece is handmade to order in Seattle by Megan Bishop.

Holiday sales: Black Friday 40% off
Small business Saturday (& Sunday) 30% off
Cyber Monday 20% off

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Accessorizing your Retrofuture: I’ve spent almost 15 years honing my craft and infusing it with a darkly romantic and vintage sensibility.  Every eidol piece is painstakingly created with obsessive attention to the little details that make an item truly special (buttons, antique buckles, unusual leathers and fabrics).  I firmly believe in reclaiming fashion from homogenized mass production by creating and constructing my work myself.

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Element Botanicals

Element Botanicals creates botanically charged, aromatherapy spiked goods featuring wild harvested & home grown plants from their apothecary tucked away in the mountains. They are passionate about providing effective, honestly priced and truly magical products that showcase the many elements of nature’s apothecary. From hard working deodorant (that really works) to skin care that creates a devoted fan base, to elegant wild crafted perfumes, they have something for everyone. Use code “HauteMacabre” for 20% off your order!

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Fiddlers Green

Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine presents art and magic for tea-drinking anarchists, convivial conjurors, and closeted optimists. Through beautifully presented articles and illustrations, we seek to provide a voice for witches and other enchanted beings in search of their own brand of spirituality.

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The mystical realm of Fiendies brings you handcrafted Spirit Boards, Planchettes, Crystal Grids, Pendulum Boards, plus many more occult tools & trinkets. Be sure to check out all of their exciting Holiday Specials available now – including exclusive Holiday Gift Wrapped Bundles, Misfit Mystery Packs & a Limited Edition Spirit Board! For Haute Macabre readers Fiendies is offering a FREE Oculus Rose Keychain with any purchase! To claim put MacabreRose in the order notes at checkout.

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For Strange Women

Since 2009, For Strange Women has created small-batch artisan perfume with a timeless aesthetic. The perfumes are thoughtfully constructed with high-quality natural materials; the plant extracts carefully sourced and composed into sublimely balanced blends.

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House Pythia

House Pythia was born out of the yearning to stay true to alternative aesthetics while remaining professional and sophisticated. We strive to combine modern design techniques with the ancient and often mystical world around us. Our debut product are sets of hand casted silicone plugs and tunnels inspired by Diatoms, microscopic algae that exists in oceans, lakes and rivers and help produce the air we breathe. Established and solely operated by industrial designer Shirley Rodriguez, all the products are designed, created and finished by hand in Los Angeles, California. Unlike mass produced products, each piece is unique and made with dedication for each customer.

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Imaginary Bookshop

The Imaginary Bookshop creates literary-themed gift sets to pair with our carefully curated selection of excellent books. We also offer custom teas, curiosities, a handful of cats, and a curse or two. You know, normal bookshop things. On our blog and in our newsletter we talk a lot about Shirley Jackson and offer solid book advice.  Haute Macabre followers receive a 10% discount with code: MACABRE10

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La Dama Luna

La Dama Luna (“the moon lady” in Spanish) started as an outlet for creative works. The name was inspired by Sisters of The Black Moon (with their dark, anachronistic diversity of garments and products), the moon and its phases, and as a result for a name that can be easily learned and pronounced for both English and Spanish speakers. The moon is a huge inspiration of mine as there is a multitude folklore, beliefs, and practices across many world cultures. It is a symbol of lights and darks we encounter on a daily basis. The lunar phases are a huge symbol of how change is truly the only constant we have for as long as we live. I feel these aspects are representative of my work as an artist as I work with various media and I’m constantly seeking new ways to learn and diversify my work. La Dama Luna allows me to explore themes that are inspired by the human mind and its ability to dwell in kindness and in dark, horrid themes, witchcraft, ghosts and the afterlife, and magical properties of elements (such as crystals, reflections and candles), and esoteric themes. My necklaces both adorn and protect the neck all the way around. It is very important for me to leave few gaps between stones so that a necklace is like armor with little or no points of entry to unwelcoming intruders. It is also a crafting challenge as I’ve always felt that my jewelry should be more than a pendant hanging from a chain. I do my best to convert the jewelry into an experience or ritual of sorts. Every single piece I ship out is meticulously gift wrapped by me. I’ve always been a visual person and a huge fan of imagery, therefore I am constantly working on photography projects. My goal is to capture the gloomy, ominous, otherworldly beauty that is constantly living in my head and I get closer to that goal with each image. Every single photograph (with very few noted exceptions) I post is 100% my work. I set up the scene, the lighting, I shoot the images and work on the post processing. My work is heavy and I do a tremendous amount of work for each little thing I put out into the world. With my works, I hope that others get a glimpse of my gloomy world and love it as much as I do.

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Little Whip

Apparel and accessories for power and pleasure. Use code “Submit” Black Friday weekend for 30% off your order.

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Marcelo Gallegos is a visual artist and storyteller working from the dustlands of New Mexico. He exalts all things macabre, bloodstained, glitched, anomalous, and precious. One of two resident archivists at The Ninth Archive.

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Moon of Retribvtion

Moon Of Retribvtion is Caroline Diezyn’s queer, goth, anti-fascist art project. They make pins, patches, stickers, zines, and more from their drawings and poetry. The Moon Of Retribvtion is the waning gibbous moon. This phase is an excellent chance to eliminate negative energy and re-focus on what’s most important. Remove. Release. Banish.

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Roses and Rue Antiques

Collected and curated in beautiful New England, Roses & Rue offers a unique selection of antique curiosities, books, & ephemera. Specializing in Victoriana, the unusual, devotional, and sentimental. Regular offerings include antiquarian books, Victorian hair work, mourning and funeral paraphernalia, antique photos, and unusual decorative objects.”

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Sacred Fog

FOG is a ritual apothecary specializing in anointing + perfume balms and crystal essences. Bryanna created FOG as a conduit for healing and exploring her darkness; this apothecary contains the truest essence of her soul. Products focus on balancing energy through chakras, moon phases, animal symbolism, and light + shadow work. They are cleansed with smoke at their birth and are nurtured with crystals, reiki, and natural, organic, + wildcrafted ingredients. FOG is located in southeast Pennsylvania.

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Sad Kid Club

Sad Kid Club is all about passionate nihilism, because we may be walking meat sacks on a tiny rock in space where nothing really matters, but you can still like things. So join the club. SKC is a one-woman operation run out of Western MA. Every item is hand-made, every design is hand-drawn, and every package is sure to include at least one real tear right from the maker’s eye. Enjoy it.

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Seance Perfumes

Seance Perfumes creates Hauntingly Beautiful scents for those who want to be remembered. Inspired by the Victorian times- each scent comes with its own story. Cruelty free, vegan and handmade- you will fall in love with these unique perfumes.

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Shadow Myths

The original artwork is part of the ShadowMyths System.  This system is a set of cards that help users come up with their own unique stories and ideas. As a freelancer dark fantasy oil artist, I wanted to create a system that helps other think differently.  I used the ShadowMyths system for my own world creation and the writing of my books.

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Toilworn creates sentimental and memento mori statement jewellery combining natural world and other-worldly imagery. Established and solely operated by Thea Schultheiss, all the works are created in her home studio, carved by hand and finished with traditional methods. Each piece is made with devotion and intention; to adorn the owner as striking daily protective wear.

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Unlovable Jewelry

A few years ago, I began collecting memento mori and mourning jewelry. I was fascinated by the power of these artifacts. At their core was a deep loneliness, the lure of the dark unknown, a longing for something lost. But they also spoke to me of mutual belonging. Imagine loving someone so deeply that you would carry their death concealed in jewelry, always beside you.

Jewelry became a talisman to carry close to me, protecting me from my own grief. And, when jewelry so often is given as a symbol of affection, gifting it to myself felt like a gesture of self-recognition and self-love. These were relics of my own loss, transformed.

There are times when we must fight to love ourselves. We all feel this way sometimes. My jewelry is meant for those moments.

These are my tokens of love for you. Carry them close to your heart.

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Winding Fables

Winding Fables is a one-woman business that shares stories through stone and wire accessories. Every stone is handpicked and each piece is handcrafted to best tell each tale.

We draw inspiration from all corners of the world. We’ve woven Nanabozho’s fires. We’ve built magpies’ nests. We’ve compiled Really Terrible pick-up lines hollered out windows at our girlfriends. Our pieces are unique, beautiful, and all one of a kind, just like the people and cultures we share though our work.

Come find a story that speaks to you, or whisper in our ear what story you want us to tell next.

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Wings of Sin

Wings of Sin is a small, handmade clothing company reflecting owner and artist, Melaney Pettini’s lifelong love of nature, witchcraft and folklore. Each piece is created to wrap your body in comfort and magick.  Wings of Sin hails from the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.

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Yosiell Lorenzo Artwork

Originally from New England, Yosiell Lorenzo now lives and works in Oakland, California.  His illustrations has been heavily influenced by the Victorian architecture and ghost stories of New England.  These themes are conveyed through his prints, books, illustrations, pins and accessories.

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