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Helvak: Luxury Without Cruelty

Focusing on vegan, wearable basics, Helvak continues to deliver a future perfect aesthetic in their FW18 collection. Abandoning the general S/M/L sizing to provide a more refined fit, offering sizes from 2-20 to cater to all of us in all shapes and sizes. Each piece is hand cut and sewn in their Pittsburg studio, Helvak has created a sustainable, wearable line of clothing that rejects the idea that luxury demands cruelty: absolutely no animal materials are ever used when creating each piece.

The latest collection is available now at Helvak.com + you can find them on Instagram @helvakofficial

*Editing to add: Helvak has received such an overwhelming amount of orders for this season that they are temporarily shutting down orders in order to fulfill everything in a timely manner. Subscribe to their mailing list at Helvak.com for a discount code at reopening!