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Needful Things: Autumn 2018


TheMacroBarista  First, a huge thanks for Sonya for bringing this instagram account to my attention! I’ve never really had a sweet tooth, so even though I love the idea of fun, fancy, frothy Starbucks drinks, they’re just too tooth decay-inducingly, gaggy sweet for me to even remotely contemplate. As a further to that, I kind of hate the idea of drinking away my calories (give me tacos instead!) so forgive me if I balk at the idea of a 500+ calorie beverage. Now I don’t even know what macros are as they relate to dieting and nutrition–and don’t bother explaining it to me because I really don’t care–but TheMacroBarista on instagram delivers the details on “finding macro friendly ways to order your beans,” via lower calorie and way-less-sweet recipes for versions of popular Starbucks drinks. Finally, a PSL that does not taste like a candied baloney sandwich!  I’m gonna try the iced dirty chai next! And also, I have to add that this has nothing to do with dieting or obsessive weight management. I’m done with that nonsense. I was put on this earth for better and more interesting things. Like tacos.

Ink + Volt planner Speaking of things which I obsess over…planners are also not one of those things. Which is funny, because both of my sisters are avid, nearly rabid, advocates of that planner lyfe. If you are interested in learning more about this, I harassed my youngest sis into writing a guest post about it for my personal blog earlier this year. I like the idea of planners, in general, but I am definitely not into the amount of time that I see people spending relentlessly plotting and planning and organizing their schedules and appointments and every aspect of their day. I also do not like—nay, I actively resent—the obligations created by the words I put to the page, committing myself to this, that, or the other thing. It makes me feel stifled and maybe a little squished under the omnipresent thumb of Time and Responsibility. I mean we all are anyway, but do I really need to have a written record of this quotidian oppression? My Ink + Volt planner, however, is gloriously UNDATED. I can go for weeks or months at a time without using it , and if I haven’t finished it by the end of a certain year, my money hasn’t been wasted–because I can continue using it into the next year! (And probably the next two years beyond that, if I am being honest.) What do I actively use my planner for? Well, lots of lists, for one. Books I want to read, perfumes I want to try, songs to include on a playlist (I’ve got lots of those over on 8tracks, by the way). And more importantly, I use it as a necessary form of self care. When I am feeling low, I make checklists of the most basic daily human functions, that, sometimes being a person prone to the mopes and the melancholies, I might just go days without doing. It’s baseline, foundational stuff: take birth control pill; do five minutes of stretching; eat one apple; walk twenty minutes; put a vegetable in one of my meals. It may sound silly, but if you are feeling poorly about yourself, sometimes the thoughts in your head get so overwhelmingly unkind that they make you feel like you’re not deserving of even the fundamental, essential things that keep human people going. My lists in my planner are a simple thing that really help when I get to feeling some kind of way. FYI I think the sticker that I put on the cover came from here.

Sixteen92 Necromancy detangling hair mist I have a lot of freaking hair. It’s thick, and coarse, and nearly down to my waist. And I don’t like to brush it. I never have, even when I was younger–which is why I had a short, bowl cut until I was about 10 years old; if wasn’t going to brush my hair, my mother reasoned, then I’d better not have enough hair to tangle! I’m not going to try and tell you I have gone the last thirty years without brushing my hair, but suffice it to say I maybe do it on an annual basis. Or at least that was the case until my hair stylist yelled at me last year, and ever since then I have tried to be better about it. I currently use this brush and a few spritzes of detangler and try make a nice après-shower ritual of something that I actually loathe doing. Right now I am using sixteen92’s detangler in one of their “Falloween” scents–Necromancy, which to me, smells like a gorgeous, celestial fog of nag champa. I put a moratorium on new perfume purchases for the year, but when perfumers get creative with their scented bath, beauty, and cosmetics offerings, that makes it easy for me to find a loophole! It looks like sixteen92’s detangling hair mists are sold out right now, but get on their mailing list to be notified of restocks, because this stuff is amazing.

The Vampire’s Wife Visiting Bag Is this beautiful vessel technically a “need”? Well, perhaps in the sense that I felt like I might literally die if I did not own it for myself, yes. Formed of the most opulent velvet, lined with the deepest black, silky satin lining, I chose the “earthly delight” design, featuring a decadent array of luxurious fruits and flowers. And I carry my books and my knitting in it because these are my most important companions and they deserve to travel in style.


Walk to Mordor I try to work out at least five times a week to keep my bad brain functioning. That thing they say about exercise and depression isn’t really true — exercise certainly doesn’t “fix” anything, but it does make it more manageable. I usually do vinyasa yoga at home (I subscribe to YogaGlo, which is totally decent and $18/month) but this spring decided to try running. I’m still quite bad at it. I know this because I sneak looks at the treadmills next to mine and they’re always on really high settings while I’m working my way up to a 10k in under 60 minutes. Anyway, in September I came across a fairly barebones app called Walk to Mordor, which lets you input your mileage so you can see how far you’ve gone. I’ve almost made it to Bree (115 miles!).

Fake Dracula Sings The Blues shirt My husband got this for me on my birthday and its awesomeness should be pretty self-explanatory.

Cardamom French Toast tea I grew up a bit of a tea snob. We always had looseleaf black tea at home growing up, prepared the Russian way with a pot of heavily steeped tea you pour into your cup and then dilute with boiled water. If you were sick it was permissible to add sugar or honey and a squeeze of lemon — or switch the whole thing out for chamomile — but that’s how it was done and everything else was an abomination. Tea in a bag? How dare you. Flavored tea? Get out. I still primarily drink plain black tea (NOT Earl Grey, ugh, don’t @ me) or tieguanyin but thanks to my friend Jo have been coming around to flavored teas. My current favorite is the cardamom french toast from David’s Tea. It’s a cardamom-spiced black tea with a pinch of cinnamon and cane sugar and reminds me of Finnish pulla.

Night Garden Shower Curtain So I got married this year and after all that was done I came home and promptly vomited in the bathtub, which I know is not the place for those activities but whatever. I completely obliterated my old Anthropologie shower curtain which I’d been wanting to replace anyway but good shower curtains are hard to find, aren’t they? After a long search, I finally found this one by Riza Peker. I am doing my best to not defile it.


I’m adding my entries for Needful Things in a bit later than everyone else, and am weirdly excited to see that Sarah Elizabeth also has planners for 2019 on the brain already. This year, I’ve been using a Filofax Domino A5 organizer, which I’m not 100% in love with – it’s really bulky, so I don’t carry it around, but I do like that I can add pages for days that my lists get long, and one of the cats ate through the elastic closure almost immediately. For years, I had used a Moleskin Daily Planner, and I’m debating on switching back. I’m also super curious about the Get To Work Book, but I am already overwhelming myself with options and will probably continue to drown myself in miscellaneous notebooks and lists saved in my phone.

While we’re on the topic of planners, I’m also very curious about the Biddy Tarot 2019 Tarot Planner. I really loved the Everyday Tarot book that came out a few months ago, and have been using Biddy as an online resource for tarot studies for years now. Add to the list the Many Moons Lunar Planner (which we’ll have more in stock in the shop by the end of the month!), and I’ll be organized AF and spiritually fulfilled manifesting my best destiny. I’ll take it.

Is anyone else out there obsessing over planners for 2019 already?

For this season’s favorites, I don’t have a lot of new things to contribute. I’ve put myself on a bit of a buying freeze the last few weeks, but I did treat myself a few times and have been using Medicinal Nighshades Belladonna Ointment to help with my headaches. Unfortunately, her recent exposure of sexual abuse within the pagan community has disabled her shop, but updates to her IG promise that it will be back online shortly.

Mystic Medusa’s new Astral DNA service is SO in depth it’s almost frightening. I just received mine yesterday and haven’t had time to fully process it yet – it printed out at 12 pages long, and that’s a lot of me to sift through. Each aspect of your astrological chart is interpreted by Mystic Medusa with just around a 24 hour turnaround, and it’s way more in depth than any of the freebie instant charts you can generate online. I’m a Gemini Sun / Leo Moon / Scorpio Rising, if you’re curious.

Honorable Mentions:

The score to Suspira live by Goblin to a screening of the film (the original, I’m having feelings about that being remade, even with Tilda) // visiting the incredible collection of Mysterious Planchette // my favorite dusty bookstore in the French Quarter, Dauphine Street Books // keeping a garnet palmstone close at hand // foggy mornings on the swamp // holding off on buying an oracle deck that I really wanted only to find it already here in storage – it was like getting a gift from myself! // Letting go of giving a fuck about my statistics on social media: yes, I care deeply about the HM pages, but I was getting so wrapped up in my head about how things on my personal page was doing that I lost sight of the fact that it’s just supposed to be fun. My Scorpio ascendant is usurping my Leo Moon, and we’re all stepping into the shadows together.

Tell us what your favorites have been this season!

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