Post Mortem: October 2018 | Haute Macabre

Post Mortem: October 2018

Season of the Witch: Miss Havisham’s Curiosities Witch Cup Giveaway (contest closed, but cups are still available to purchase)

An Enigmatic Baroness And Her Collection Of Skulls

In Love and Shadow: Your Guide to Venus Retrograde from Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

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Tarot and Oracle decks in the The Haute Macabre Shop

Many Moons 2019 Lunar Planner

Timeless Phantom Interludes: The Photography of Jason Blake

Pumpkin Spice Sanguinem Menstruum

Lunation Leathers Crucible Bag Giveaway (giveaway closed)

Darkness Within At The Creeping Museum

Stacked: September 2018

Strange Frequencies: The Extraordinary Story of the Technological Quest for the Supernatural with author Peter Bebergal by Janaka Stucky

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We Believe Women: Mary Anne Carter reminds us that the truth is out there

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Open Sea Design Co Paper Goods and Stationary Items in the Haute Macabre Shop

Conjured From Obscurity: Lost, Neglected, And Forgotten Literature From Valancourt Books–Interview And Giveaway! (giveaway closed)

Full Moon Survival Spells: Structuring Self Care

Le Tarot de L’étoile Cachée in the Haute Macabre Shop + Sabbat Sale

2018 ‘Weenies At Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

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The Tarot Collages of Ignacio Cobo

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pre-Orders Are Open + Shop Restock