Full Moon Shop Update | Haute Macabre

Full Moon Shop Update

The final shop update of the year closes with a selection of titles added to the “Literature” section of the Haute Macabre Shop. Each of these titles has a personal significance to me, and I hope they touch you in the same way.

Expect an update in early 2019 of the oracle and divination selection of cards available in our shop, along with new exclusive releases for Haute Macabre that are currently in production (and that I am extremely excited to share with you all!).

These titles listed here are now available:

Here are the gods and goddesses as the Romans conceived them, accompanied by the annual rites performed in their worship.

Order of the Good Death’s Caitlin Doughty’s wonderful memoir of the start to her career in the death industry. A must read.

Caitlin Doughty’s second book, relaying her global expeditions discovering how other cultures care for their dead.

Charles Leland’s legendary “Aradia”, here in a deluxe edition with both the original Italian and English prose, along with modern commentary on the influential “Gospel of the Witches”.

My personal go-to book on the Tarot: Jodorowsky breaks down each card with a perfect balance of humanity and the divine, illustrating how the deck of cards themselves are structured like a physical mandala. My favorite part of this book is the “if this card spoke” for each major arcana card.

The surrealists were seeking out unexplored regions of the mind in a bid to recover lost “psychic” and magical powers. Rejecting the labels of artist and author bestowed upon them by outsiders, they instead accepted being dubbed “magician”, “alchemist”, and “witch”.

A monthly planner and book of spells helping you create your reality with a systematic approach to manifestation. The Daily Ritual contains 31 pages of exercises to record your gratitude, what to not give a fuck about, and casting the spell of switching to the reality you prefer. Between each ritual is a different spell for creating your best reality, and also six weeks of calendar pages for participating in time-based consensus reality.

These titles are more are currently available in the Haute Macabre Shop