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New Moon Shop Update: Apothecary and Paper Goods

Tomorrow, Friday, December 6 at 10AM CST, the Haute Macabre Shop will be restocked with the much coveted Open Sea Design Company Luminaries Planner and the Many Moons 2019 Lunar Planner by Modern Women, and the Apothecary has been updated with our complete Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab collection of perfumes and hair glosses and the brand new Babylon Bath Bomb by Sophi Reaptress.

Included in today’s update is a selection of beautiful stationary items from Open Sea Design Company: the unlined High Priestess notebook, the Dark Botanicals oval cards, the Oculus Four and the Emperor Scorpion greeting cards, and the Luminaries Planner. Please visit our Paper Goods category to shop this collection.

The highly coveted Many Moons Lunar Planner is available in extremely limited quantities: This unique planner follows the Gregorian calendar year for 2019, with all magic holidays, observed holidays & bank holidays for the USA (Northern Hemisphere). The Many Moons Lunar Planner also has every Moon phase and sign the Moon is in for 2019, with month and week views.

Due to the extremely limited nature of the Many Moons planner, please limit one per customer. These will not be reprinted by Modern Woman studio.

The Babylon Bath Bomb debuted at the Oddities Flea Market in NYC this past weekend, and is designed to access your inner Scarlet Woman: bathe in blood red waters scented with amber and leather, topped with pink Himalayan sea salt.

The complete Haute Macabre Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab collection of perfumes and hair glosses, which will not be available again until late spring. These are currently in stock and ready to ship. Please see this post for a description of each scent note.

As always, all Haute Macabre Apothecary items are 100% vegan and cruelty free, never tested on animals, only on ourselves.

These items will be available in the Haute Macabre Shop on the morning of the New Moon on Friday, December 7 at 10AM CST.

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  1. I know this is a weird, picky thing, but I would love to see sets of notecards. I’d often like to have 5 of a particular one (at least) and the round ones in the shop that are blank? I love a set of 15 so that I always have some beautiful notecards to send out to friends for a traditional letter surprise.

    1. Hello Jessica!

      The notecards are sold individually as that is how the maker sells them, I would not be able to offer a difference in pricing for the set. If you were interested in purchasing a larger amount and the shipping gets a bit of whack, please email me directly so that I can check into everything and see if there is an alternative option.