Tarotscopes for the December Full Moon by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener | Haute Macabre

Tarotscopes for the December Full Moon by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Tarotscopes for the December Full Moon

This Saturday, December 22, at 9:49 am PST, we enjoy our last Full Moon of the Year. This is the time that the Moon and the Sun are exactly opposite one another—it is the time where the Moon is made most visible to us in the sky, as her exposed face drinks in the Sun’s reflections. You may wish to do your spell work and Moon-gazing the evening before, on the evening of the longest night of the year: Winter Solstice. This holiday is also called Yule, a time for holding space for the darkness. After today, the light returns, little by little, until our next Solstice, 6 months from now. This is an excellent time for spell work around projects and developments you would like to see realized by the next Solstice. This Full Moon’s energy can help you.

Sometimes called the Cold Moon, this December Full Moon presents us with an opportunity to reflect on our year, to look backwards from a grounded present. This is the time to light candles, get cozy, and sink into any messages that might be coming into your life to guide you. Allow this Full Moon to bring you acceptance in an area that needs it. This Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer. Traditionally thought of as one of the most psychic signs, you can tap into your own intuition by taking time to be quiet and calm. Slip into water and see what floats in. Light candles and let the flickers of fire guide you into your visions. Full Moons are about fullness, wholeness, celebrations, culminations, and reflections. Find time this weekend for activities that fill your cup. And if your cup is depleted, as many of ours are, simply rest without guilt or judgment.

These Tarotscopes are meant to be used for inspiration and reflection around themes that may be coming up for you at this Full Moon time. Feel free to read only for your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign, or whichever you feel drawn to.

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Aries: King of Swords

This Full Moon is all about you taking your throne as an innovator. This time period has you stepping more fully into your roles as leader and effective communicator. You’ve got a lotof ideas, Aries, and a lot of messages to get out there. The ones that are truly original— not that are reactive, or that come from others— are the ones to focus on developing and bringing out into the world. But first, you need to get real. There could be an uncomfortable aspect to this Full Moon week and weekend. Some clear truths might be ringing out about what needs to change, and how you need to speak up in one or more aspects of your life. There could be other people or groups you need to consider into decisions you are currently making. How are your words best serving your people? Cut any cords that stop you from mastering your messages.

Taurus: The Fool

Taurus, this Full Moon weekend can be anything you want it to be. The Fool Card came up for your Full Moon Tarotscope, that archetype of cosmic beginnings that seeks adventure, curiosity, and something different. There might be some habits that need shaking up or shaking off. Little shifts in your daily life could lead to big waves. You might be thinking of going on a new journey: pack your bags. You may be thinking about taking risks: take them. If you find yourself wavering in some way, ask yourself: If I didn’t take this risk, if I didn’t say yes to this opportunity, if I don’t try something different this time, will I regret it? Trust that wherever you feel called to travel is exactly where you need to be.

Gemini: The Empress

This is a Full Moon for calling in solid gold. For actualizing solid goals. For generating what has been percolating. This weekend is a time best spent activating all the overflowing beauty and love in your life. Remind yourself of what you value and cherish. There could be a harvest theme coming up for you around this Full Moon. What has your harvest of love, of beauty, of reciprocity, felt like this year? What more do you need to call in, now, and in the future? Another theme around this Full Moon might be around giving birth. To your many goals, yes. Make sure you are completely clear with what you want, and what you are asking for. You may also be generating, and giving birth to a new version of you.This version is completely enough, that is loved, that comes forth from raven’s song and rosewater baths and the solid support you give yourself first. If you’ve been pouring all your energy out to others, take some of it back for yourself. If it is time to ask for more help, so that you can really focus on where you shine, do so. Beautiful Gem, do not overlook yourself as the key ingredient in all of your success.

Cancer: The High Priestess

Moonchild, this is your Full Moon. This is the last Full Moon in Cancer we will receive until 2020! And of course, the card that got pulled is the High Priestess—that card that corresponds with the Moon, the celestial body that also corresponds to your sign. Also, we are at the very end of a High Priestess/Justice year, so you might be feeling the energy of this card around this time. This is initiation energy: this may not be feeling like an ending, it may be feeling like an exciting beginning. There could be calls for you to acknowledge your particular power, to listen to your own intuitive wisdom, to journey into unknowns and underworlds. There could be calls for you to focus on ways of continuing on your own healing process by inventing personal rituals and expressing your unique creativity. There is magic to be made. If you haven’t experimented with following your intuition in a while, give yourself an evening to do so around this Full Moon. Throw messages in a bottle out into your own mysteries. Create a cosmic call and response to what you are seeking and let the secrets seep in like waves from the Moon.

Leo: 6 of Wands

In one, or more, areas of your life, it might be time to move on. Being a part of a community is one of your biggest values. This might be the moment to question if your fear of wanting to be liked by others is stopping you from making bold moves in service of your soul. If it is time to establish yourself as a leader, a teacher, trailblazer, or a unique voice in your chosen career, community, or playground—place your efforts there until the next Summer Solstice. Use the power of this Full Moon to name and celebrate all that you have achieved in the last year. Use the power of this Full Moon to write down every last item you have achieved this year. Write down all your successes—even the ones that others can’t see. While you most likely are feeling the harder accumulations of this year, lovely Leo, make time to conjure joy and give yourself credit. Then, intentionally turn the page. Don’t second guess any radical decisions you will be making in the next few weeks or months. When you flow in the the rhythms of your heart, you are always floating in the currents of the next best direction.

Virgo: 3 of Wands

Virgo, sometimes it is hard for you to let go of one thing, because you are afraid that along with losing the thing, you will lose all the hard work that went along with it. At this Full Moon, please remind yourself that all is not lost, but what needs to end, needs to end. You will never lose the lessons that got you to where you are right now. It is hard to change course once you’ve committed yourself so solidly, but whatever you’ve been working on needs something different. A different mindset, a different skill set, a different way of getting to point Z is needed now. If you need to get outside advice on any matters, seek counsel. Chances are, you can already see or feel the answer. The best news is that after you’ve decided to make the integration, not only will you get relief, but your true gifts and desires will be able to bloom in a much more exciting way.

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Libra: Page of Cups

When the sweet, soft Page of Cups comes in, we know this Full Moon is going to feel truly lovely for you, Libra. This card wants us to parent ourselves, to give ourselves the tenderness our heart needs, and to offer ourselves up to others so that they can hold us with the care we most need. This Full Moon, tap into your playful and innocent side. Who was your invisible friend as a child, and what did you like doing with them? Spend time with children or animals, spend time listening to nature. Playful activities link you to your intuition. If doing spell work, design your ritual so that your creative expression and vulnerable offerings are at the heart of your magic. Make art you most needed to see when you were a teenager. Concoct a ritual you most needed do when you were a child. Say words you most needed to hear when you were young.

Scorpio: Strength

Sweet Scorpio, this Full Moon coincides with a homecoming of sorts. A homecoming of heart matters. A rewilding of pure desires, as it were. Any and all answers you need are found in your most pure instincts. As you go through your own processes at this end of year, remember to honor your heart by letting it speak. No is a complete sentence. You don’t owe anyone explanations for your needs or choices. You do need to take the time to enjoy the soft power of sharing your vulnerabilities. Others aren’t mind readers, and there are more people around you who want to help than you sometimes realize. The only way out is through. You get to decide if the path is paved with vices or velvet.

Sagittarius: Knight of Pentacles

Questions around stability might be coming up for you at this time. Themes around trust, and maybe even protection, could be on your mind. Commitment is required. Commitment to what, you might ask, dear Archer? Well, to YOU. Truly, your path is your own. Where do you need to settle in more? There is never any doubt as to whether you can finish what you start. However, you may have been comfortable with playing it safe—with how you express your worth, what you want, or by doing the same thing because you know you can deliver. Stretch out! It is time for some new movement, for some changes around projects that will take more time, and be greater and larger in scope than what you are used to. Slow and steady movement, rooted in a wider net, will cast you off into the far ranging territories that you desire to ramble in. This Full Moon would be great to work on a self-trust ritual. How can you widen what you believe you can achieve? It all starts with truly trusting that your talents and strategy, combined with consistent effort, will pay off far into the future. Getting serious with self will yield lasting abundance.

Capricorn: The Magician

Capricorn, this week begins your season. It is time to take a day, pause, and come back to yourself. There’s a new phase beginning in your life, and in order to maintain your focus, you need to get clear on what you want now, in this moment, today. Foster your flow. Connect to your body, your energy as a conduit that can guide you to your next steps. Under this Full Moon, remember you already have everything you need. Don’t chase any more certificates, don’t go after anyone else’s approval. Magic happens as long as you stay intimately connected to the messages and power of your present energy.

Aquarius: The Ace of Pentacles

Aquarius, it isn’t happening somewhere else, beyond the sea, gleaming in another galaxy, floating out somewhere far away. There’s a sometimes wistful fear of missing out, a misplaced belief that elsewhere is always better, that you can cling to as a stand in for committing to engaging in tangible reality. This is a Full Moon to remind you that actually, your “here and now” is really very, very good: it is in fact a gift. Gratitude is a practice that will never let you down. Notice the tiny marvelous minutes, the mystical that resides in the mundane. If it is time to spruce up your surroundings, do so. If it is time to truly invest in yourself, your ideas around career, around your creativity, do so. If it is time to water yourseeds, not everyone else’s, make that your 2019 focus. If it is time to make offerings to the Earth, to the Air, to the friend who always returned your calls, to all the moments that got you to this one, do so under the brightness of the glowing Moon.

Pisces: The Four of Swords

When you ask, dear Pisces, you receive. Every time. Of course, that doesn’t matter if you can’t fully accept what is being offered. If there is too much chaos, too many distractions, an answered prayer doesn’t feel like one. It has been busy: you have done a lot of work this year. Tearing down and rebuilding. Changing and rearranging. You might not have had the energy to fully implement the messages that have been coming through. The time is now. This is a Full Moon about gaining clarity. This is a Full Moon about cultivating harmony. This Full Moon reminds you that you alone consciously choose the stories that take up space in your mind. If you need to wipe the slate clean, if you need to forgive, forget, or apologize, do so this weekend (especially if you need to forgive yourself!). The clearer your space and energy field remains, the more potently the messages can come in. The more potent the messages are, the easier it is to know how to show up and receive. This Full Moon is all about you listening to your guides, source, your highest self, and any other divine energy you feel connected to. Make the time to clean and clear. Make the time to rest and relax. If prayer is in your practice, pray and give thanks. If it feels more natural to write a letter asking about guidance from a future self, than do that. Ask yourself questions and make time to answer them. Ask, receive, and accept.

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