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AJ Hawkins Art X Detrivore Cosmetics “Decomposition” Collection

The Decomposition Collection is a collaboration between Detrivore Cosmetics and Death Positive artist AJ Hawkins, and is inspired by AJ’s art series, “The Reclamation”, a project exploring the decomposition of human bodies and the nutrient cycle, wherein each piece represents “a phase of decomposition, from death to dust, and ways nature reclaims our bodies to foster life.”

Most people no doubt find this topic unsettling and uncomfortable, but through her art AJ strives to use both science to shed light on the importance and complexity of decomposition, and a creative lens to help beautify the subject and engage viewers who might otherwise look away. In light of these aspirations, I can’t help but to think a cosmetics collaboration yielding a series of exquisite eyeshadows for which to perfect your posthumous peepers is a really creative and compelling way to open up the conversation.

Shares AJ about the Decomposition Collection:

“I think what’s most important to me about the project is that everything, the art and the makeup, is really inspired by the science of decomposition. I think it’s very easy, and not uncommon to find ‘dark’ things or beauty products that are leaning on gross out or shock value to sell…I really wanted this project to be a celebration of a part of nature we’ve lost touch with, and to both be informative and spark curiosity.”

The collection is available on the Detrivore site and features seven vegan, gore-geous (hee hee, sorry, AJ!) cruelty-free shades, in both sample-sized and full-sized options. The full sizes from this set feature special matte black lids decorated by AJ’s original art. And for collectors of artistic marvels and memento mori, a limited edition of twenty, with an exclusive gift box and sticker will be available in AJ’s shop this Friday, January 11th!

Available shades include:

  • Blowfly Wing: Bright shimmery silver with subtle indigo and violet shine.
  • Desiccated: Deep, matte bruised-red.
  • Hypostasis: Matte mid-toned rosy-pink.
  • Purge: Shimmery, slightly metallic balanced gold.
  • Rigor: Bright, matte, warm lilac-purple.
  • Sulph-Haemoglobin: Tarnished olive-green with strong metallic gold shine.
  • Vivianite: Bright, bold teal with a touch of shimmer.

Find AJ Hawkins: website // instagram // facebook