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Haute Macabre New Moon Shop Update: Crystals and Tarot

I am so excited to share with you the latest additions to the Haute Macabre Shop: the new Crystal section, the newly released Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre, and Autumn Scenes, and Bakara Wintner’s guide, WTF Is Tarot? …& How Do I Do It? 

These crystals were all charged overnight in the full Cold Moon in November, in the New Orleans swamp. I placed these on an offering tray outside, allowing the dewy air in the silver light to bathe them. That night, a huge halo surrounded the moon, a perfect circle around her, and I truly believe that it amplified the effects of each of these crystals. I am almost reluctant to part with them, as I feel over the weeks since then they have been assisting me on my journey, but I know they are not meant to be my permanent companions, and I hope they find a true home with you. Find them all in the Crystal section in the Haute Macabre Shop.

Stormy Garden Quartz: A large, smooth silky white grey garden quartz, sometimes called Lodolite. 

This piece contains a cloud line within it, a horizon inside of a grey gradient. Use this to manifest your dreams, riding the grey scale within from the birth of your desire to its reality.

Garden quartz is a powerful meditative tool, accepting energies and moving them back into the earth, allowing it to flow through the cycles of nature.

Rose Quartz is the strongest emotional healer, dealing directly with your heart and feelings, the Cups of the Tarot, the love within. Unconditional and unassuming, rose quartz will hold your hand and mend your heart while you hurt, and calm you like a candle lit bubble bath while you indulge (I actually drop large chunks of raw rose quartz into the tub with me when I’m treating myself to relaxing soaks).

This perfect sphere contains a milky band within it, along with threads casting rainbows. I believe that these are past lives and loves, swelling its heart with an infinite capacity to heal and be healed. 

A stunning and soothing raw piece of aquamarine with pyrite naturally growing on it. Aquamarine is said to give sailors light in the dark, a stone of a sea goddess that lights the way through the pitch of night. Pyrite is believed to hold fire at its core, further amplifying the brightness of the beacon.

This specimen is a beautiful sea foam green with golden specks, and emits a calming aura. Being in its presence, you feel a its illumination, a calm focus, and a peaceful clarity.

Smokey Quartz Spheres: Smokey Quartz is believed to be a psychopomp, guiding souls to the underworld, and in that, assists you in letting go of what no longer serves you. A strong ally in psychic protection, smokey quartz is an extremely grounding stone and alleviates stress.

Three spheres are available, listed separately. Each contain a storm of rainbows within.

A serpentine feeling piece of Golden Calcite, the chevrons within reminds me of a serpent’s head. Holding this piece to the light reveals a formation akin to a snake jaw within the chevrons, a piece to literally point the way through the weeds of life and the cloudiness of the mind.

Calcite is said to stimulate the higher mind, linking spiritual guidance and grounding higher mental energies into the physical realm. Allow this piece to be the belly of your serpent spirit, flat on the earth while leading you into your highest self.

A ghostly cosmic egg containing within a perfect section of ectoplasmic rings. Milky Girasol Quartz is often a result of a clear quartz growing over the original interior, encasing itself and allowing its shadow self to become one within.

Girasol creates a quiet space, a place for your own ghosts to do their work. Not all hauntings are malicious, we all need our pasts to grow into what we are and what we will become.

Angel’s Hair Rutilated Quartz are powerful mood cleansers, soothing darkness and despair and releasing anxiety.

The golden threads throughout are believed to have the hair of Venus trapped inside, and I’ve found myself stroking this piece in particular the way you would soothe a loved one’s hair while they grieve. A warmth travels up my hand and wrist while I do this, something I didn’t notice at first, but now am very attune to.

An intensely high vibe Herkimer Diamond, this piece nearly shakes in your hand. The intricacies within in are hypnotically energizing, containing rainbows at every angle. It casts a disco ball effect around you, physically surrounding you in its pure energy.

Herkimer Diamonds are said to be one of the strongest crystals for clearing electromagnetic pollution, and assist you in recognizing blockages. An extremely powerful metaphysical stimulant.

Visit the Crystal section of the Haute Macabre Shop

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre, and Autumn Scenes
A vibrantly dark deck of Tarot cards featuring collage style art of the mysterious and the macabre. Incorporating classic paintings into eerie scenes and dark characters, the secret world of these cards unfold throughout your readings.

A 78 card Tarot deck with a complete Major and Minor Arcana.

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre, and Autumn Scenes in the Haute Macabre Shop

WTF Is Tarot? …& How Do I Do It?
Written by Bakara Wintner in a straight forward and candid voice, WTF is Tarot? …& How Do I Do It? has become my most reached for tarot book over the last few months. Bakara guides us through the journey of the cards with her straight-forward and direct tone, yet remains approachable and accessible – each of the Major Arcana is accompanied by a personal anecdote in addition to its divinatory meaning, while the Minor is presented in familial personifications.

Encouraging us to acknowledge how deeply ingrained the symbology of the Tarot already is in our daily lives, WTF is Tarot shows us an intuitive approach to readings. On a personal note, I’ve been familiar with the cards since I was a teen, with a devoted study over the last decade, and I’ve found that since studying this guide my readings have reached a deeper and more intrinsic level. I highly recommend this for any person interested in the Tarot, whether you are a beginning reader or an expert.

WTF Is Tarot?… & How Do I Do It? in the Haute Macabre Shop