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Boys For Pele: Carnelian Collection Now Available

I’ve decided to release the Carnelian collection for this February Full Moon – this will be the biggest and brightest Super Moon that the Earth will see until the year 2026, brightening the night sky and illuminating us in these long, cold winter months. These cold winter days are the easiest time to fall into the cold void, to stay inside and cocoon and not emerge until the warmth of spring has begun, with a chill stiffening your bones. These months I tend to become apathetic, losing my drive and my interest in areas that I am usually passionate, abandoning my sense of self to a darker, less energetic and less confident version, one that I do not welcome with open arms, but nonetheless is present.

Carnelian combats this apathy: its fiery red hues emit a warmth, recirculating the blood in your veins. In ancient times, Carnelian was worn to give warriors courage in battle, something not energetically different than our modern uses – Carnelian ignites a passion, gives a bold voice to the timid, and builds power within.

Think of the Fool card, stepping off of the great cliff’s edge, unafraid, unapologetic, and ready for whatever comes their way – it is Carnelian that grants this confidence and courage, this complete will to create and manifest one’s path. It will not do the work for you, but rather, it will open your eyes to see that your path is what you make of it, and assist in the complete manifestation of your ultimate goals.

I like to think that Carnelian is the fire that burns within you, it warms your blood and pushes you out of your comfort zone into your highest self, physically revitalizing you, even in the dreary and frigid depths of winter. Carnelian will also boost your sex drive and sexuality: this revitalization of both your confidence and your physical state work together in unison to create passion.

Carnelian is not a gentle energy, it is a great, vital boost, something that I desperately needed recently. Having these surrounding me recently has helped me in facing my feelings of self-doubt and fears of failure – not by telling me that I’m not going to fail & filling me with a pompous sense of invincibility, but by alleviating the fear, replacing it with a fresh vigor and the confidence to take the step off the edge.

I’ve been listening to Tori Amos’ Boys For Pele on repeat working alongside these pieces, each of these  I have to offer are gifts to our inner volcano waiting to erupt, the swirls of oranges and reds and whites reminding me of the storms on Jupiter, endlessly moving in their energy.

The Carnelian collection is now available in the Crystal Collection of the Haute Macabre Shop.

Here is a preview of each that will be available:

Carved Bowls

Smooth carved bowls, the perfect size for storing and charging your small treasures. Four of these are available, listed separately in the shop.

Carnelian Palm Stones

Smooth, polished over sized palm stones. Four of these are available, and will be energetically selected for you.

Spheres and Eggs

Spheres and cosmic egg Carnelian offerings, emitting their radiance in every direction. These are listed separately in the shop. Some contain portals, offering a glimpse inside of them.

Small Egg

Medium Egg

Large Egg

Sphere 1

Sphere 2

Sphere 3

Sphere 4

Sphere 5

Sphere 6

Standing Free Forms

Free Form 1

Free Form 2

Free Form 3

Free Form 4

Free Form 5

Free Form 6

Free Form 7

Free Form 8

Free Form 9

Free Form 10

Free Form 11

Free Form 12

Free Form 13

And Moses, I know
I know you’ve seen fire
But you’ve never seen fire
Until that you’ve seen Pele blow

The Carnelian collection is now available in the Crystal Collection of the Haute Macabre Shop.