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Cocorrina: Designs For Your Magical Life

Winking and gleaming with magic and stardust, Cocorinna’s art prints, journals, and calendars are among some of the most stunning objects of their type that I have ever seen– and no wonder! For graphic design priestess Corina Nika at Cocorrina imbues these artifacts with potent symbolism and luminous energies, and aims to create magical, meaningful objects that she hopes you will treasure forever.

Inspired by the mystery of the unknown, the warmth of the dark cosmos and the beauty behind the moonlight, every Cocorrina concept is born of and guided by the universe, and enhanced with a touch of magic and love. Each detail of their mystical black and glinting gold graphic design work is crafted to feel like an exquisite piece of jewellery that you can touch, use, wear, smell and look at every day.

Like Cocorrina’s absolutely resplendent dream journal, for example. Sure, I have an everyday planner, and yes, I have what I think of as my “Stacked & Needful Things planner“, and alright, maybe I even keep a semi-daily food diary (to figure out health issues, not trying to be hyper-crazy about calories), but when I tell you that my soul has been longing for a beautiful book in which to jot down the details of my nighttime wonderings/wanderings, I promise you, I am telling the truth. I used to hand write my dreams almost every morning in my early 20s for both mental clarity and creative jumpstartification of the brain, and I would dearly love to get back into that practice. I suspect it is my personal version of morning pages.

Or perhaps one of Cocorrina’s richly detailed calendars for planning out your divine ritual practices or plotting your everyday practical rituals over the course of the next few weeks, month, or year?

Whichever exquisitely glimmering piece of artistry and imagination catches your fancy, know that each and every item or print incorporates into its very essence Corina’s enduring passion for the history of magic, spirituality and cosmic symbols, and each piece is printed and packaged for you with the utmost love and care. Know too, that using the friendliest possible materials for the environment, Cocorrina repurposes, recycles, and aims to be as good to our Earth as they can.

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