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Hook’s By Prapakas Fall/Winter 2018

Recently brought to my attention by a dear friend with sharper eyes than mine, but with similar tastes for the bizarre and beautiful, may I call to your attention the Hook’s by Prapakas runway show for Elle Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2018?

What is there to say about this outlandish parade of fancies, where the saintly and the damned, the beatific and the beastly, and the desperate and the blessed, coexist concurrently on the catwalk?

It’s a mystifying bit of spectacle, I’ll give you that. And a translation from Elle Thailand’s website does not quite satisfy.

“The final show of Elle Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2018 that everyone is looking forward to from the Hook’s by Prapakas brand this season. Black that people fear Which represents the dramatic fashion that embodies the punk aura which is the concept of revolt. This show wants to be true in society. For example, wearing a white dress doesn’t always mean a good person. Or people with tattoos all over the body does not mean that they are not good in any way Because the essence of beauty is at the core, not the outer shell.”

Instead, I will leave you with a snippet of conversation, a thought shared by my fellow lover of such things, “I have no words. It’s interesting what’s universally “ugly” or “scary” vs. what isn’t, and/or gets lost in translation.”

She further observes, “…this feels like music is to rock opera, as fashion is to this.”

And I think we’d both agree–and no doubt you, as well–isn’t this exactly the kind of dreamy fashion rock opera-esque melodrama upon which we wish to feast our eyes in Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer, or well, let’s face it, Always/Forever?

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