New Moon Mini Shop Update | Haute Macabre

New Moon Mini Shop Update

I’m in Tucson this week for the annual gem and mineral show sourcing new crystal pieces for you (and let’s be real, I’m trying my best not to be on a two for you one for me motto out here but it’s really hard), so the New Moon Shop Update is slightly behind schedule and slightly smaller than usual!

Please follow me on my personal instagram account (@SamanthaMacabre) this week for stories from the gem show, and let me know if there are any specific types of crystals you’d love to see in the Haute Macabre Shop! I’ve already gotten my hands on a few absolutely beautifully witchy looking specimens just on my first day and cannot wait to share these & everything else I find with you.

Edward Gorey’s “Dracula in Dr. Steward’s Library” puzzle
Spend these cold Polar Vortex nights assembling this 500 piece puzzle reproduction of Gorey’s masterpiece of the macabre.

Monthly Manifestation Manual
This journal will assist you in developing your daily spiritual practice while maintaining focus of the version of reality you prefer. This may be used in tandem with the Monthly Magickal Record, both by School of Life Design,  for a fully immersive focus on figuring out what you want and then manifesting your best reality, allowing yourself to feel good, and releasing that which does not serve you, such as fear of failure and comparing yourself to others.

The Haute Macabre Sigil Planner
An undated weekly planner designed in collaboration with Open Sea Design Co, featuring sections from the Haute Macabre categories: journal your reading list in Stacks, your current favorites or notions on your mind in Needful Things, space to call forth what you will Manifest This Week, along with daily recordings of the moon phase and your Tarot pull.

Please note that orders placed presently will ship upon my return to New Orleans early next week.