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A Beautiful Ghost at Roq La Rue

Brian Despain – Flow, oil on panel

Back in 2016, even though the decision was made for very sound and noble reasons, I was heartbroken when it was announced that owner and curator Kirsten Anderson was closing the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. The closure of a gallery that, for nearly 20 years, wasn’t just Seattle’s flagship for Pop Surrealism, but the entire Pacific Northwest, created an art void that was never filled. That is, not until 2018 when Anderson herself decided Roq La Rue was needed again. And an entire region of art nerds rejoiced!

Now it’s 2019 and Roq La Rue is hosting its second show of the year, a poignant and evocative group exhibition entitled A Beautiful Ghost.

Roq La Rue is pleased to present “A Beautiful Ghost”. Inspired by the instrumental song by John Foxx of the same name – we asked several artists to do their take on the title theme. The result is a show of hauntingly beautiful, emotionally emotive works.

A Beautiful Ghost features new work by artists Brian Despain, Rick Araluce, Nannette Cherry, Kai Carpenter, Travis Louie, Jeff JacobsonKate MacDowell, Peter Ferguson, and Bella Ormseth. The exhibition opens tonight, February 14th and runs through Sunday, March 3rd, 2019. You can bet I’ll be checking in out in person during my next visit to Seattle. If you’re able to do so, I hope you make it over there too. Each of these pieces demands to be experienced in person.

Travis Louie – The Ghost Of Miss Darcy Three Fish, acrylic on board 

“A phantom figure began to appear on the north shore of Long Island in the town of Sea Cliff sometime in the late 1950’s.
It is said to be the ghost of Miss Marigold Darcy, who was lost at sea in the 1911.
Her glowing visage is usually accompanied by three spectral fishes who swim around her and she is often referred to as “Darcy Three Fish”.
Miss Darcy was said to be a passenger on board a ship traveling from Melbourne to Cairns that sank off Cape Bowling Green in Queensland, Australia.
No one knows for sure but has been speculated that she was meeting a wealthy suitor doing business in Australia, whose family owned property on the north shore.”

Kate MacDowell – Memento Mori 2, slip cast and hand built porcelain and glaze

Peter Ferguson – The Shade of David Balfour, oil on panel

Kai Carpenter – The Bonney Swan, oil on panel

Bella Ormseth – Book Club, oil on cradled panel

Kai Carpenter – Oracle, oil on panel

Rick Araluce – The Ultimate Journey, mixed media (all components completely handcrafted by Araluce)

Nannette Cherry – Anamnesis (After Cagnacci), oil on board

Jeff Jacobson – Screen Memory (Pana lalassu sada emedu eseru dirga), acrylic on panel

Title note: Translated from ancient Sumerian: “face of the spectre and reaching the mountain imprisoned inside the dark glowing chamber.” Jacobsen uses varieties of religious iconography to express universal mystical ideas. In this case he uses the Capriote headgear used by certain Spanish Catholics sects, to hide the identity of a penitent and remorseful fallen angel depicted in this piece.

Find Roq La Rue Gallery705 E Pike St, Seattle // website // shop // Instagram // Facebook