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A Small Offering: New Books, Tarot, and Garnet Palm Stones in the Haute Macabre Shop

A small update for this weekend before the next large crystal release in the Haute Macabre Shop: today I offer sparkling, blood red Garnet palm stones, new titles for your library, and two beautiful Tarot decks, The Starchild and The Moonchild Tarots.

These items are available now in the Haute Macabre boutique, and the next large crystal release will be on Wednesday, March 6 for the New Moon. Previews of the dark moon offerings are forthcoming here and on the Haute Macabre Instagram profile.

Garnet Palm Stones (small through XL)
Named after the Latin word for “pomegranate”, and linked to the Persephone myth, in which the goddess was kidnapped by Pluto and brought to the underworld to rule as his queen. Use this stone to protect and guide you to and from your trips to the underworld. A highly protective stone, it acts as a deflective armor: any harm meant onto you will bounce back onto your enemies.

These glittering blood red palm stones will assist in healing trauma while diving into your deepest self, helping to remove your inhibitions, and boost your confidence and self worth, similar to the carnelian.

One garnet palm stone will be intuitively selected for you. I hand picked each of these stones, each speaking to me directly, and I hope that they act in the same way for you. I have carried a garnet palm stone on my person for some time now, and I hope that you find the same comfort in yours as I do in mine.

Rachel Pollack’s Seventy Eight Degrees Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness
Drawing on mythology and esoteric traditions and delving deeply into the symbolism and ideas of each card, the book offers a modern psychological interpretation of the tarot archetypes rather than a system of esoteric symbolism.

This is the new reprinted edition of the classic guide to Tarot. My copy of the original edition is well thumbed through with many underlined passages and the margins filled with personal notes. I am eager to acquaint myself with this new reprinting.

Witchbody by Sabrina Scott
A rambling and poetic autoethnography of western occult magic as a pathway for environmental learning and advocacy.

The first graphic novel of its kind, Witchbody is a meandering synthesis of autoethnography, magic theory, and philosophical speculation. It is full of wonder at what it can mean to learn and teach and change and grow in this world which belongs to all of us: you, me, plants, trees, coffee cups and garbage bins.

What can it mean to be a witch today, in the city?

The Starchild and The Moonchild Tarots, by Starseed Design

The Starchild Tarot
This deck offers a gentle approach to reading the Tarot, through exploring new worlds and dreamscapes of your own inner wisdom and Higher Self. Each card has been imbued with sacred symbology to help you receive guidance and illumination from the Universe and deeper realms of spirit.

This 79 card deck explores the ancient traditions and mysteries of the Tarot through a multidimensional journey of sacred archetypes. The included guidebook has been written for readers of all levels, with clear descriptions and images for each card, Tarot spreads, journal prompts and more. This colourful rendition of the 78 (+1) cards of the major and minor arcana represents the culmination of many paintings, illustrations and photographic elements created by Danielle Noel.

The Moonchild Tarot
The Moonchild Tarot is a beautiful 81 card tarot deck celebrating the Divine Feminine, Shadow work, and Lunar Magick.

Incorporating ancient Egyptian archetypes, magic, and the traditional skeleton of the Tarot, The Moonchild Tarot includes three new additional keys, to help bridge your curiosity and wonder just a little bit further.

Each deck includes a copy of fully comprehensive guide with great detail on each card, example spreads, and more, 81 card with shimmering backs and a soft, satin-matte finish.

While the Starchild Tarot is Superconscious, galactic and otherworldly, the Moonchild Tarot is Subconscious and grounding, acting as a new conduit of deep introspection.

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