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Absolved from the Light: Black Moonstone

It seems auspicious timing that I am in the physical and psychic state that I currently am in while being surrounded by a group of black moonstones. Auspicious for them more so than I, I am heavy with the cloak of dark moon, heavy with the fatigue of the nights leading up to its occultation: today culminated the Carnival season in New Orleans, and thousands are reveling in the streets celebrating Mardi Gras day, and I am slowly recovering from the energetic onslaught their festivities have weighed on me. I am not a participant, but I suffer from a psychic hangover nonetheless. As I write this, I pulled a random card from my Tarot deck, and the Four of Swords reminds me, yet again, to rest.

I say it is an auspicious time for these Black Moonstones to be surrounding me because now is the time for them to do their work, to do their natural duties: Black Moonstone is associated with the darker aspects of the lunar goddesses, with the darker aspects of the Triple Faced Hecate and her wisdom. They are the Dark Moon, the waning moon, the period of recovery between the light. Please do not infer this to mean they are any less powerful than their rainbow sisters, it does not. They are the protective cloak of the dark crone, the inked out moon still silhouetted in the sky amongst the glittering diamonds, always there, always hanging above, high and heavy.

These are for use in times of rest, when your potential energy is growing within. They are for times of healing, regenerating, planting the seeds of manifestation cast during the dark moon to grow with the lunar light. They are workers within the Shadow Self, honing darker aspects and directing those attributes towards a total fulfillment of self. Black Moonstone will assist you in shedding aspects of your psyche that no longer serve you and have only haunted your dark corners, especially when threaded with peach moonstone, as many of these spheres presented here are.

Black Moonstone will work with improving your psychic intuition. Their silvery sheen and threads ghosting across them, phantom flashes of insight against their dark bodies. This intuition comes with comfort in the dark instead of a fear of the unknown. There is nothing to fear in the dark when you yourself are complete and absolved in the darkness, released from the scrutiny of light.

Black Moonstone will be available for the New Moon on Wednesday, March 6 at 10AM CST in the Crystal category of the Haute Macabre Shop.

Below you will find previews of each piece to be offered in the update.

Black Moonstone Sphere 1
The largest of these dark moon offerings, weighing over 3lbs measuring 12.5″ around in circumference.

Black Moonstone Sphere 2
Measuring 11.75″ in circumference and weighing approximately 2.5lbs. This is my personal favorite of this collection.

Black Moonstone Sphere 3
This sphere measures (approximately) 11″ around and weighs just over 2lbs.

Black Moonstone Sphere 4
This sphere measures approximately 10.5″ around and weighs 1.7lbs.

Black Moonstone Sphere 5
This sphere weighs (approximately) 1.6lbs and measures 10″ in circumference.

Black Moonstone Sphere 6
This sphere measures (approximately) 9.5″ around and weighs 1.3lbs

Black Moonstone Sphere 7
This sphere measures (approximately) 9″ in circumference and weighs just over 1lbs. This sphere contains the most peach of all of collection.

Black Moonstone Palm Stone 1

Black Moonstone Palm Stone 2

Black Moonstone Palm Stone 3

Black Moonstone Palm Stone 4

Black Moonstone Palm Stone 5

Black Moonstone Pebble Palm Stones
One of these will be energetically and intuitively selected just for you.

Black Moonstone will be available for the New Moon on Wednesday, March 6 at 10AM CST in the Crystal category of the Haute Macabre Shop.

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  1. unless you have the hands of a nephilim, you’re using the word “diameter” incorrectly… maybe you mean circumference?