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How To Wear Two Recent Interviews With Really Amazing Artists

I’m a little behind with our How To Wear series, I’m afraid–here it is March already, and I haven’t shared a single outlandish outfit! Well, obviously we need to remedy that, so I busted out a quick few ideas for you here today. OK, sure, it’s a bit of a cheat, as far as themes go, but whatever–I’m considering it just a bit of practice. Keeping my hand in the game. Whatever the game is, I guess? I don’t even know that phrase actually means, to be honest.

If you’re new to my How To Wear column, or if you need a reminder, please know that these are all far-fetched daydream ensembles. There is nothing practical or budget-friendly about them–it’s all wishful thinking and extravagance! So you’re probably not going to find reasonable price-points or outfits featuring sensible or pragmatic items. And I imagine most people reading this are of an age where they can dress themselves and their wardrobe choices are no longer monitored closely or chosen for them.  You’re all probably folks who know what you like and have a snazzy sense of style and you don’t need someone – especially someone whose idea of formal attire is a polyester turtleneck with psychedelic mushrooms dancing all over it – giving you fashion advice on how to wear this season’s It Thing.
TLDR; this is definitely not that sort of How To Wear.

So without further ado, I present to you How To Wear Two Recent Interviews With Really Amazing Artists. Yes, well. While the theme is not as imaginative it could be, the marvelous artists here led to some splendid inspiration! So, whether you’re a goth puppet master or a folksy, bluesy, death-siren…er…well…I am not going to bother finishing that thought because you’re probably neither one. I know I’m not.
But still, we can dress like one!

For the feature look, inspired by our interview with Handsome Devils Puppets:

Rewind Vintage Affairs Beaded evening bag // Pixi Market cut out shoulder sweatshirt // Lanvin Pleated Midi Skirt // Philip Lim Hayett Lug Sole Pearl Boot // Fleur du Mal Charlotte Lace Longline Bra // Antique Victorian vulcanite rose bangle // De Profundis Eau de Parfum by Serge Lutens // Half in Love with Easeful Death Mourning Strand // The Medium Lily Dale Spiritualist Ring // Almaz fringed shawl // Chanel Rouge Coco // Fleur du Mal Lace Cheeky

For this look, inspired by our interview with Jezebel Jones of Bye Bye Banshee

Etro printed silk maxi dress // Lonely label gigi bra and panties // Tiro Tiro Arcos earrings // 1890s Victorian Chrysoprase ring // CELINE PARIS Patent leather boots // Rebecca Minkoff Panama Studded Leather Tote Bag // Chase and Scout Jewelry Snake Bracelet // Goldengrove Dust to Dust Ring // D.S. & Durga Mississippi Medicine Perfume // Kenzo World Eyeshadow Palette

…and a bonus for you! How To Wear Your February Book Stack. Ha! I told you I was sort of grasping for theme ideas. I’ll do better next time, I promise.

Nattskiftet Satanic Feminist tee // any old jeans, really // Lonely Label bra and panties // Alexander McQueen Skull ballet flats // carnelian ring // Rituel de Fille Written in Blood Forbidden Lipstick // Byredo Bibliotheque EDP // Ann Demeulemeester cardigan // book locket (confession, I don’t remember where I found this, and it was sold out anyway, but you can get some beautiful book jewelry from Peg & Awl) // bloodmilk ouroboros earrings // Eugenia Kim caterina embellished hat // Uma | Raquel Davidowicz leather Guia tote bag // Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour