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Smokey Quartz Points in the Shop

A selection of Smokey Quartz points has been added to the Crystal section of the Haute Macabre Shop over the weekend.

Please note that shipping shall resume by Wednesday, March 27 on all open orders.

Protective and grounding, Smokey Quartz offers a shield against psychic attack, absorbing misfortune and negative thinking.

Smokey Quartz is believed to be a psychopomp, guiding souls to the underworld, and in that, assists you in letting go of what no longer serves you. A strong ally in psychic protection, smokey quartz is an extremely grounding stone and alleviates stress.

There are still a small amount of smooth Black Tourmaline Palm Stones available, but they are nearly sold out.

Acting as a shield against the negative effects of high stressful situations and people, black tourmaline keeps your own auric and energetic field calm and regulated. It repels against psychic debris, while transmuting these harmful energies into something useful (much like my usage of Labradorite). A grounding, calming stone, Black Tourmaline is an ally and strong tool in the realm of psychic self defense.