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A PSA, A Rant, A Declaration, and An Email You Didn’t Expect in Your Inbox

Instagram has rewired my brain.

It is the first thing I do when I wake up, it is the last thing I do when I go to sleep. I don’t actually enjoy it: my eyes hurt from the glowing screen, my hands cramp from holding my phone up constantly, and my psychological state has declined dramatically.

Moments are no longer experienced. Moments are viewed, captured, posted, promoted, shared, storied. There is a constant sense of anxiety and urgency, resulting in rewards of likes and comments or blows to the ego when a post bombs. Any sense of prediction has been diminished: connection with the audience is no longer determined by a personal preference but by an automated expectation of what you may potentially want to see. It creates fears of scarcity, of comparison, and it is all an illusion.

I am aware that it will have a negative impact on my well-being, and yet I do it anyway. I set time allowances on my phone so that I don’t have the app open for more an allotted amount of time daily, I plan posts in advance, I only scroll the first few images in my feed and do my best not to endlessly and mindlessly rabbit hole. None of it works, and it’s actively chipping away at the sense of pride and community that I’ve always felt on Haute Macabre.

With all of this in mind, I am shifting focus to a more personal forum. It absolutely does not mean that the HM IG page (or even my personal page) will no longer be active, it is still a necessary beast of burden to maintain them.

Some of you are subscribed to the Haute Macabre newsletter, and receive an email each time a post is made here on the blog. I have next to no control over that email, it is solely an automatically generated feed that shoots off whenever we publish. What I am currently working on is a more personalized newsletter: something that will summarize the blog postings, the shop updates, personal notes from myself and the Haute Macabre Team, events, and whatever else may pique our interest. This will not replace the blog at all, in fact, I’m hoping that it will enhance it, as I shift my intentions back towards the dedicated core here as opposed the micro posts that social media has whittled down & monopolized my attention span.

By tomorrow morning, I’ll be importing the current subscriber list from here on Haute Macabre onto that feed, and you will receive a notification in your inbox requesting a subscription confirmation.

Please feel free to stick with whichever option you prefer: if you would only like to receive emails when we post an article here on HM.com, you are in no way obliged to subscribe to the other feed, or vice versa. There is not yet have a schedule for these mailings, nor a specified format, so hopefully we can organically grow together to make it into something that will enrich our collective experiences here.

As always, thank you for creating this place with me, and for more than decade of support and encouragement.

If you would like to jump ahead and join the new mailing list now, you may do so by clicking this link


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  1. I’ve been following your site via RSS for about 10 years now. This would be essentially the same thing for me, so no subscription, just a nod towards the idea.

    1. Makes absolute sense! We will not be replacing the RSS feed with the newsletter, the mailer will just be additional content that you are welcome to receive or not! Thank you for your years of support.

  2. I appreciate everything you have said here. And am excited for the newsletter. Instagram did introduce me to Haute Macabre but it’s a plague that I’m trying but failing to release the grip of. Here’s to taking our brains back!