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Ascend Ascend: New Work from Janaka Stucky in the Haute Macabre Library

Written over the course of twenty days, coming in and out of trance states brought on by intermittent fasting and somatic rituals while secluded in the tower of a 100-year-old church, is Janaka Stucky’s most powerful book to date.

Featuring cover art and lettering by Aaron Horkey.

Rooted in the Jewish mystical tradition of Hekhalot literature, which chronicles an ascent up the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to witness the Merkabah, or “chariot of God,” this book-length poem drafts a surreal, mythological landscape in which maximalist language shreds the natural world. Light becomes rainbowed sex. Intestines tangle into an aria. The sky is gallowed. At the center of this apocalyptic devastation stands the speaker of these poems, asserting: I explode. I shall love. I ascend. Stucky’s verse reminds us that even as we sink deeper and deeper into unknown darkness, we become our own flashlight beaming outward.

Ascend Ascend is now available in the Haute Macabre library.

Also available is The Truth is We Are Perfect, a previous selection of the BloodMilk Book Club. Containing fifty-four lyrics exploring the loss of oneself through the loss of an other, and how we seek to recreate ourselves in that absence. Stucky journeys into nothingness and, consequently, into awareness. His meditative sensibilities and minimalist style create ritualized poems acting as spells—transcribed to be read aloud and performed in the service of realizing that which we seek to become: “Because I love a burning thing / I made my heart a field of fire.”

Named for the thread running through them, Faden Quartz are the ultimate expression of self-healing. At some point in their formation, they were broken, and grew back together from the pieces. Their threads are actually the scars of this trauma, a wholeness grown together despite and breakage.

Faden Quartz are beautiful because of these scars. Worn like a heart on their sleeves, their threads are a reminder of the growth that they experienced after a healing process. They are not defined by their trauma, but by the beauty that resulted from it. They are stronger and more self aware now that they have repaired themselves. Their Tower moment is ever present, but The Star is built around it, forever reminding us that what does not kill us, only makes us stronger.

A selection of Faden Quartz are now available in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop.