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BloodMilk Spring Sale

We are in the last days of the springtime BloodMilk sale: use code “Vernal20” at checkout to receive a 20% discount on jewels found in the “Spring Sale” section of

The code will be valid through April 11 at midnight, EST. I am always eager and excited to hear what treasures people add to their collections during this time, please share with me which piece you acquired (and what attracted you to that one in particular, if you are comfortable!).

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  1. I went to Brooklyn Oddities last weekend specifically to shop the sale and bought another moonstone ring (Belonging to Darkness) which is amazing but I had also loved yet another larger moonstone ring, The Lovers so I agonized over it and wrote them to find out if it had sold. It had not so clearly I had to buy it. This make 3 moonstone Bloodmilk rings for me. I keep trying to buy another gem but the moonstones are so colorful and gorgeous. The rings are incredibly comfortable too.

  2. I was so excited to add to my armour the art nouveau bat ring. I have been more and more enamoured with our bat friends after having visited Austin this winter…and this ring evokes turn of the century gothic jewelry like my favorite movie, Coppola’s Dracula ??

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