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How To Wear Your Longing For Senpai To Notice You

It’s a powerful thing, to be noticed, isn’t it? To have the gaze of a Fascinating Creature fall upon you, even just for a moment. Maybe that moment is a fleeting one-off, and  never happens again. Or maybe they never become aware of your existence at all. (Maybe you move on. Maybe you hold a grudge. Not gonna say which camp I fall into!) Or maybe…just maybe…both your orbit and that of the object of your fixation sync up, and in sharing common space and common interests and a few friendly words, a bond is formed, a relationship develops. Your idol is maybe, possibly, now a friend? You’d probably die if they ever found out how you obsessed over them initially, and anyway, now that you’re not so far away as to be blinded by their amazing, shining excellence, you’re close up enough to bask in the glow of their friendship and their humanity– and you see that they’re actually just a normal person, just like you. Or an abnormal person, just like you!

I’ve been involved in all of those scenarios. Sometimes I find it’s better not to be noticed; I mean, in some instances you’re like, “what now?” “Now they know I’m alive because I said something interesting or funny that got their attention, and they commented with an LOL and a laughing emoji, and OH MY GOD I CAN’T KEEP THIS LEVEL OF ENTERTAINMENT UP I’M JUST A DUMB POTATO THIS IS TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Sometimes it’s just better to worship these folks from afar, I think. Maybe just buy that scarf they artfully blogged about that one time, and every time you wear that scarf and someone compliments it, you smile a little, and feel a small closeness to them, like “thanks for the rad recommendation, my sorta-but-not-really-probably-actually-never friend!”

Well, I suppose now you’re like, what the hell Sarah. You’re a massive cringe-y dork and you’re also maybe a low-key stalker and why do you always have to make things weird? I don’t know? I guess it’s my super power? So in the spirit of me never not being a dork, and forever making things weird, here are three looks for getting senpai to notice me. I know the title said “…notice you”, but you’ll just have to put yourself in my shoes for this one. Also in the interest of not making things too weird…I’m not using the names* of my idols (wouldn’t you feel weird about seeing your name in print, with a link back to some stranger saying HEY LOOK AT ME) but what I will do is link to an item that each of these amazing folks has created and is selling online.

Cheese Slut tee shirt // Balmain pencil skirt // Alexander McQueen skull scarf // Ann Demulemeester cropped jacket // Myla Strand bra, thong, & suspenders // Fly London zip up ankle boots // Philipp Plein Skull clutch // Fiat Lux FU ring // Arcana Obscura Skeleton Key necklace // Transparenze striped hold ups // Zana Bayne Pierced Heart Choker & Bracelet // Valley Eye Wear Brigada sunglasses // Etat Libre d’Orange Secretions Magnifiques // Rituel de Fille inner glow pigment & enchanted lip sheer

Genesis V Neck Dress // Calypso St. Barth Reversible Cocoon Open Front Cardigan  // Stella McCartney Flat Star Sandals // Lonely Label Bobby Bra & Brief // Anine Bing Cat Eye Sunglasses // Tiro Tiro Rayos Ring // Pyrrha Fortes Fortuna Iuvat (Fortune Favors the Brave) Ring // kisforblack Joan of Arc Tote Bag ** // Sword & Shield Hair Stick  // Goldengrove diamond coffin ring // Raquel Davidowicz Gruta necklace // Lipstick Queen Saint Lipstick // OLO Valens perfume

Trash Witch Coven tank top // Comme Des Garçons Skirt // Gloria Coelho cardigan // Chantal Thomass Prodigieuse Bra & Bikini // KMRii KB Shoulder bag // Fly London Lace up boots // Valley Eye Wear Raydar glasses // Scarfshop saffron cotton scarf // Blood Milk Eternal Weaver  Ring // mrd74 Raven Claw Talon Wrap Ring // Macabre Gadgets black raven skull ring // Hagerskans Jewellery clean branch bracelet // Burial Ground mini broomstick necklace // Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot // Medusa’s Makeup Witch Lash mascara //  sixteen92 Baba Yaga perfume oil // Transparenze lace tights


*Except I will mention Cheese Sex Death because she’s a bit of a success story in that I am pretty sure she knows I am alive and she does say hello to me occasionally and and and she’s super nice and I want to eat all of her cheeses pairings and can you imagine being a cheese curator of funky fromage fantasies for a living? I LOVE YOU ERIKA. But not in the “I want to wear your face way”…it’s OK, you don’t have to worry, I’m harmless!

Anyone else whom I have referred to here today, however obliquely: I know you don’t owe me anything, even and especially your attention! This is not some kind of passive aggressive guilt trip. I just wanted to devote/dedicate some time and energy and wardrobe wishful thinking to you, because I admire you quite a bit!

**The featured image for this post was originally Now I Know How Joan Of Arc Felt by kisforblack/Anna Dorfman. I created this post, alonge with the outfits and selected the original feature image over a month and a half ago; the post was scheduled over the weekend and went live early this morning with that image (which I love quite a bit) prominently at the top. Later this day, however, saw the horrific news that Notre Dame was on fire; obviously I had no idea this was a tragic thing that was going to occur today. And because of everyone’s association of Joan of Arc with that beautiful, historic cathedral, my pairing this image with this post on this very day is a very unfortunate coincidence. I have absolutely no wish to upset anyone, so I’ve since removed it. My apologies to anyone who thought it insensitive or in poor taste. It was just very sad timing.