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Shadow Self for the New Moon

On the last day of the Tucson Gem Show, I had hit a wall and was finally experiencing what it means to be “crystal drunk”. As fun as the gem show is, it’s extremely overwhelming, and I had hit the point where I was ready to go hide in my hotel room until my drive back to New Orleans. In spite of this, I went to one final tent that I had not yet visited, and finally, after the entire week, found black amethysts.

I’ve previously discussed how Black Galaxy Amethysts are a hypnotic event: the blackness of each is a glimmering abyss. Each specimen creates a calm void, but not a cold one. A rare form of amethyst that is a relatively new discovery, there is little information available on their formation beyond their hematite properties in addition to the amethyst or their healing properties, but in my personal opinion, and how I have been working with them, is by accepting the soothing healing properties of amethyst themselves, and applying this to my Shadow Self. I feel a surrender when I am working with these, a wholeness and acceptance of my Shadow Self, the darker parts, those that I need to accept in order to heal.

The man that I acquired these from is the son of the man that owns the mine in Uruguay where these are from, he grew up at the site and now splits his time between there and the US. He and I spoke at length of the rarity of these, and how the majority of them are being cut into small cabochons, making the freestanding forms such as these even harder to come by.

You may feel a shifting of the veils when you bring these pieces into your life: the magnitude of these high vibrational formations may move the air in the room, allowing room for the shadows to take form.

These will be available in the Haute Macabre Shop for the New Moon on Friday, April 5, at 12 PM CST.

Black Galaxy 1

Black Galaxy 2 – I love this little girl, she reminds me of an oyster!

Black Galaxy 3

Black Galaxy 4 – she has so much hematite in her, you can feel its vibrations within the amethyst.

Black Galaxy 5

Black Galaxy 6 – I love her portal!

Black Galaxy 7 – such a beautiful deep grape!

Black Galaxy 8

Black Galaxy 9 – she is SO sparkly!

Black Galaxy 10

Black Galaxy 11 – her side split is incredible

Black Galaxy 12

Black Galaxy 13

Black Galaxy 14

Black Galaxy 15 – look at those little calcite friends!

Black Galaxy 16

Black Galaxy 17 – she’s the biggest girl in the bunch, over 5lbs!

Black Galaxy 18

Black Galaxy 19

Black Galaxy 20

Black Galaxy 21

Black Galaxy 22 – with teeth.

The New Moon Shop Update will be live on

Friday, April 5 at Noon CST in the Haute Macabre Shop