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Haunted by Cope-Arnold’s Vedas

I’ve been sitting here for far too long trying to find the words to describe Vedas, a captivating combination of photography and fashion created by Los Angeles-based studio Cope-Arnold.

Vedas was inspired by the fabulous high-contrast B&W photos of fashion photography legend Irving Penn.

More that simply write about them, I want to do things with these images, these phantasms – compile dreamy, droning soundtracks for them, magically animate them, or just close my eyes and fantasize about them.

I want to encounter these veiled figures, unspeaking specters who soundlessly appear out of the aether.

I want to observe how they move, see if they interact with each other or keep to themselves.

I want to listen to the whisper of their veils, the susurration of their cloaks, the silence of their footsteps.

I want to stand perfectly still in hope that they’ll walk toward me, past me, surround me, envelop me.

I want to feel the ghost of a breeze on my skin caused the movements of their garments.

I want to draw close enough to see if I can peer through their veils and mesh, discern if what lies beneath be phantom or flesh.

I want to feel if they emit warmth, cold, or a static crackle.

I want to listen for the sounds of their breath beneath their garments, the softest of sighs, hushed keening, and murmured incantations.

I want to draw closer still, extend my hand, and gently trace the outlines of their forms and features with my fingers, place the lightest of kisses upon each of their brows.

I suspect that time in their presence will lose all meaning.

Still I know that shared time will end. And when they begin to withdraw, I’ll long to follow.

I’ll feel a weight in my chest, a weight that becomes a steadily increasing pull as they begin to vanish back into the aether…

…and an electric ache in my fingertips where I made contact with their shrouded selves.

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