Haute Macabre at the Solstice Divination Fair | Haute Macabre

Haute Macabre at the Solstice Divination Fair

This Friday night in Philadelphia, Haute Macabre will be participating in the Divination Market at BloodMilk’s Sphinx and Snakeskin.

Please visit us for a selection of Tarot and Oracle decks, hand selected crystals – with an emphasis on crystal balls not yet previewed online, and our complete collection of scents and hair glosses by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

Also attending: Mithras Candles, Moonflesh Embroidery, Moving Wax Candles – who made this custom carved candle for Haute Macabre in 2018, Transfiguration Hair Studio, and The Spiral Bookcase.

Tarot and Astrology Readings will be available in private tents throughout the evening, and, of course, BloodMilk Jewels will be available in person to purchase.

We hope to see you there!