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Hear Her Voice: The Only Known Recording of Frida’s Voice (Possibly)

This morning, I woke to a message linking me to the discovery of the what could be the only known recording of Frida Kahlo’s voice. The recording was recently discovered in the pilot of “El Bachiller,” a 1955 radio show, which was featuring a profile of her husband, Diego Rivera, Mexico’s Department of Culture said in a press release.

It has not yet been confirmed that the voice is Frida, but the recording is thought to date to 1953 or 54. Kahlo passed in July of 1954, so there is a chance this is her reading from a text entitled, “Portrait of Diego”.

I’ve listened to this now on repeat a number of times. I pick up a stray word or so in Spanish, the language is foreign to my ears, but the possibility this being her cadance fills me with a hope. I find myself wishing for something rachous from her mouth, a secret, unscripted and candid stream of conscious professing loves and passions and losses.

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  1. If this was recorded the year she died, I can’t imagine it being her. As Jane said, she would be in too much pain to speak with such vigor.

    1. I feel similarly – I know the last year or so of her life were mostly bedridden, but on the same token, she had such spirit that it actually wouldn’t surprise me to learn that this WAS her.

  2. I’m sorry to disappoint you but that’s not her voice. That’s the voice of the narrator in the radio show. Frida in her last years was in deep pain due to her back injuries. They’ve used a woman’s voice to narrate Frida’s writing, you can tell by the theatrical way the voice sounds like.

    1. Feel the same way, I don’t think this is Frida, this sounds like a radio narrator reading text. I wish there was more of the radio show itself recorded, we could figure it out then.

  3. Wow! Such an amazing discovery! Can’t wait for it to be confirmed. It sounds like a delicate yet strong voice. Which could very well be Frida.