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When Yorick Dreams…

Today we’re coveting this 19th century Japanese ivory carving of a human skull with a snake coiled around its crown and three toads and a tree frog climbing around on the skull and the snake.

Measuring a mere 4.25″ (10.9 cm) high, this marvelously detailed carving is an okimono from the Meiji period, circa 1890.

Okimono is a Japanese term describing a decorative object or objet d’art. Okimono were created depicting everything from real-life animals and mythological creatures to humans and gods, fruits and vegetables, and everyday objects.

Customarily made out of wood, ivory, ceramic, or metal, Okimono were typically displayed in a tokonoma alcove or butsudan shrine, but we wish this beautiful piece lived in Haute Macabre HQ.

[h/t: /r/ArtefactPorn]