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Beyond the Totality: Alleviating the Darkness

In regards to the recent eclipse, and the upcoming: I recently talked about the malefic effect of eclipses, despite their beauty and despite their rarity (although they do happen at minimum twice a year), they obscure the light. They physically darken the skies, cast a shadow over the earth, frightening our ancestors and were portents of ill fortune to many.

I have stood outside staring at the sky during them, awestruck by the red hue of the moon, and transfixed by the shadows cast on the ground – the leaves create crescent moon shadows here on earth during a solar eclipse. Rather than practicing a ritualized magic this week, I have thought of these moments, and then on a deeper internal journey, I have tried to explore what has obscured my light, and left me struggling in the dark.

Over the last year, I have developed and suffered from new levels of anxiety. It’s difficult to discuss, especially in a public forum, where I already feel vulnerable and hyper examined, but it’s important for me to start to mend these edges that have become frayed. Historically, I have always been extremely even: Yes, I become head over heels emphatic about things ( I am, if nothing else, an excitable Gemini at my deepest core), but The Panic wasn’t really something I ever experienced. I had always done well under extreme stress, I remained sharpened and focused, and most importantly, kept my pieces stitched together. That has all changed over the last few seasons: a permanent knot had tightened in my stomach, my insomnia grew worse and worse, and my general sense of self worth diminished dramatically. The tension continued to grow, fed by a cycle of constant frustration and despair. The layer under my skin has felt ill contained, running too hot, a near constant state of the expectation of falling off a cliff. A shift in my psychic plane has occurred, a frightening new version of myself that I am not willing to invite into residence.

What has triggered these new reactions? Why have I walked away from this essay so many times, and made up so many small, unnecessary tasks that must be completed before returning to it? I am uncomfortable in it: a raw vulnerability. Writing this is a confrontation and an exposure.

In my efforts to rewire my newly rewired response system, to fill in the obsessive thought groves that have formed valleys in my mind, I have worked with certain stones. I haven’t done all of this consciously – they are not all types of stones that I have actively set out sourcing, I realize now that my attraction to them has been a direct manifestation of the tools necessary to begin my recovery. They are assisting me in reaching the stage beyond the totality, to navigate me through the panic state darkness. Each has aided me in a different way, and on a different level, and I share them with you now not only as tools to hopefully help you through the darkest times, but as a reminder that you are not alone.

Feature image is the “Shadows” card from the “Road to Nowhere Oracle Deck


Activating your upper chakras, third eye, and connecting to Kether, light moves through in waves, Scolecite is cosmic and calming. I handle scolecite and feel as if I am floating on a sea of iridescent milk, a cooling touch, a safe cavern of ice. { slide }

Scolecite gives me a similar vibration as Lemurian Seed Crystals do, a sense of serenity and connection. It is not as inter-dimensional as Lemurians, I still feel as if I am within my own body, and not adrift in the cosmos, but connected and serene.

Scolecite palm stones will be available, one of which shall be energetically selected for you. Each is smooth and fits perfectly within your hand.


A gentle helper while easing through the trauma of anxiety. Rather than simply releasing it, it assist you in navigating the field of landmines, working through the tension and the fear

In these months that I have been experiencing this tension and this anxiety, lepidolite has pulled me back down to here and now and out of my head. Having a high lithium content, it has sedative qualities, enough to smooth the sharp edges but not dull the mind. Dissolving obsessive thought patterns, lepidolite will quiet the mind, soothing you back to sleep during those insomnia hours.

Various sized lepidolite spheres and free forms will be in this collection, which will be previewed in a live sale on Instagram on Monday – time shall be determined once I have been able to confirm that the potential storm headed towards the New Orleans area is not going to cause any delay or destruction. 


The great protector, the great purifier: Obsidian will rapidly get to the root of your trauma, no matter how deeply it is hidden, and will effectively release the blocks that have been placed in your way.

Obsidian is not a gentle healer. It is a primal void, a psychic purge. It may sound aggressive, but not all healing is to be done with hand holding and soothing tones. There are times when you are a raw, open wound, and need to be jolted out of your own self destruction. Think of obsidian as a psychic weapon: the ancients carved it into blades, use that to cut through your layers of hurt and shadows, to protect you through the darkness while you are guided to the light.

Obsidian towers, pyramids, spheres, and scrying mirrors will be available.

The Beyond the Totality: Alleviating the Darkness Collection will be available in the
Haute Macabre Shop on Monday, July 15, at 10AM CST.
Instagram Live Preview & Sale info TBA