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A Visit To Guo Pei’s Alternate Universe

I’d like to think that in the alternate universe referenced in Guo Pei’s mythical Fall Winter 2019 collection, one may step out for a coffee clad in a ballgown of marionette theatre manipulated by a coolly bespectacled simian puppet master, with barely a flickering glance from the barista as they take a name for your latte. A world where one might greet their postman wearing an ensemble showcasing the snowy bleeding heart of a tangled winter forest or renew one’s driver’s license attired in a veritable marigold altar to one’s self–and no one would give you a second look.

An alternate universe where “extra” is de rigueur and an astonishing profusion of embellishments, flourishes, and frills, and 30-plus wardrobe changes is barely enough to get by in a day. Granted, it would be really challenging to keep up with the fashionable and their fantastic extremes in this parallel reality…but holy ruching and ruffles–wouldn’t that be a fantastic place to visit?

See below for some of our favorite looks from this collection and find the entirety of Guo Pei’s Alternate Reality over at Vogue today;  for some extra extras, take a peek at this thread, in which twitter user @vandroidhelsing provides the most marvelous commentary for the show.
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