Offerings: New Spells and Remedies in the Haute Macabre Shop | Haute Macabre

Offerings: New Spells and Remedies in the Haute Macabre Shop

A small shop update this week while I prep for the next large crystal release: I am currently working my way through processing my emotions for it. They are a collection of stones that I have unconsciously been surrounding myself with the last few months, without realizing until now that they have been aiding me in healing emotional symptoms that I was experiencing. Release information forthcoming, along with information on the first live sale for Instagram!

In the meantime, I offer you these items today, many from our beautiful extended family:

Sample sized Imps sets of our complete collection of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes and hair glosses. Each perfume sample will be 1/32 oz vial, and each hair gloss will be a 2ml vial.

Available are three sets of imps:
Haute Macabre Collection: 6 1/32oz fragrances: Haute Macabre, Esbat, As Above, So Below, Occultation, and It Wasn’t Just a Phase
Cemetery Collection: 4 1/32oz fragrances: Burying Point, St. Louis #1, Mummies of Mexico City, and Laurel Hill
Hair Gloss Set: 4 2ml hair glosses: Haute Macabre, So Below, Mummies of Mexico City, and Burying Point

Fluorite Bowls: acting as a spiritual detox, clearing your head from foggy thoughts. Use these beautiful polished fluorite bowls to store your small treasures in, and clear them of the energies of your day.

Ritual Cravt Spell Kits, one each for Love, Prosperity, Harmony, and Protection. Each kit contains a spell candle, candle holder, a single crystal, palo santo stick, anointing oil made in ceremony, a black nail, and suggested instructions on how to perform the spell.

Ritual Cravt has crafted these kits with the intention that you put your own energy and intuition into the ritual; they can be easily used by a beginner, and are great for experienced practitioners alike.

Ritual Cravt Teas (may also be used as bath soaks).

Unbreak My Heart Tea is made with intention for ritual use for healing grief or loss, mending a broken heart, and healing love endings.

Turn Inward Tea was formulated for use during meditation, musing, reflection, and introspection.

Made for witches by witches in Ritual Cravt’s beautiful Denver shop.

Mini Cast Iron Cauldrons, measuring 3″ wide. Perfect for burning incense or your ethically sourced Sage and Palo Cleansing Bundles.

The last of the Labradorite Spheres – I had thought I was completely out, and then this beauty emerged.

You may find these selections now in the Haute Macabre Shop