Shop Restock: Faceted Garnets and The Luminous Void Tarot | Haute Macabre

Shop Restock: Faceted Garnets and The Luminous Void Tarot

A small note for the start of our week: faceted garnets and the shuffle edition of the beautiful Luminous Void Tarot are now in stock in the Haute Macabre Shop.

The first IG Crystal Sale will be taking place on the Haute Macabre Instagram profile this week on Thursday, July 25. Listings posted shall be available for 24 hours with previews posted to the IG and stories, along with a link back to the shop for purchase. I am very excited to experiment with this method, with the hope that it enables me to release beautiful pieces that may not necessarily find a place within specific collections.

The Luminous Void Tarot Deck

Created by Laura Zuspan, The Luminous Void Tarot Deck is a 78 card deck and guide book featuring original watercolor art. Each card is a lush and colorful depiction of the Major and Minor Arcanas of the Tarot with rounded edges resembling the Medieval playing cards of the 15th century on display at The Cloisters Museum in NYC.

The Luminous Void shuffle edition contains 78 cards measuring 5.5 inches tall and 3.08 inches wide, with a beatiful gold foil side and detailing on the back of each card.