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Please Welcome Our Sponsor: Solstice Scents

Please welcome our sponsor, Solstice Scents!

Solstice Scents specializes in hyper-realistic evocative atmospheres and amber, incense and resin blends for men and women. A variety of woods/forest, tobacco, leather, floral and gourmand fragrances are also offered.

Fragrances pictured here are Conjure Dark (amber, sandalwood, frankincense, spices, incense, wood smoke, cedar, oud, vanilla), Estate Lavender (Estate Vanilla, Lavender – many varieties, Bergamot, Black Tea, Coriander, Wild Violet, Davana, Heather, Rain), Solstice Kyphi (Frankincese, Raisin, Honey, Labdanum, Myrrh, Red Wine, Beeswax, Galangal, Cassia, Lemongrass), and Orient Rose (Rose Absolutes, Rose Ottos, Rose de Mai, Rose Attar, Vanilla Musk, White Musk, Ambergris (vegan), Amber, Indian Vetiver).

Solstice Scents is now open for international shipping on their 60 ml Eau de Parfums, with an informational post about how to contact them for a DHL quote and more F.A.Q.s. 60 ml Eau de Parfums, 5 ml cobalt glass roll ons, 2.5 ml EdP sample sprays and 1 ml sample 5 and 10 packs for domestic customers are available at

Visit the Solstice Scents Shop, and follow Solstice Scents on Instagram, Facebook, and on the Solstice Scents Forum.