Charging Slab Flash Sale Now Live | Haute Macabre

Charging Slab Flash Sale Now Live

TheHaute Macabre Instagram Flash Sale is now live, featuring a selection of fluorite, quartz, and selenite charging slabs.

Each piece available is has a flat surface to store your tarot cards, jewelry, or other treasures on.

Fluorite assists with mental clarity and focus, allowing for concentration on the task at hand while minimizing distraction. Extremely effective at blocking electromagnetic at computer stress, it may be one of the most important stones in your protective armor in this era of compulsive glances at notifications and endless scrolling. Fluorite Points are also currently available in the shop!

Quartz is an ultimate magnifier tool: it enhances any other crystal or tool that you are working with and is fully programmable to amplify your intention. Selenite works in a similar fashion, clearing and energizing auric fields, magickal tools, and other crystals. I frequently “recharge” my other crystals or tarot cards by placing them on one of these types of slabs to reset them after specific work (or in the case of my tarot decks, sandwiched between two slabs).

Each piece is now previewed on Instagram with a link to purchase, with a range in pricing from $12 – $88. Follow @HauteMacabre and check the profile and stories!