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Sam: Needful Things

Instead of a lengthy introduction, I am cutting right to the chase for this summer edition of Needful Things!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab bath oil: Straight aromatic luxury, and I am so into the notion of soaking in my sins. I’ve said fuck summer and have been taking hot, relaxing baths with these, some candles and rose quartz lately. Morocco (a forever favorite), Luxoria, and Embalming Fluid are my current heavy rotations.

I romance TF out of myself (hi, Leo Moon).

I recently placed my first order with Glossier, and here are some reviews: (use this link for 10% off your order!)
Mega Greens Galaxy Mask: Keeper for sure, but I’ve been using the Drunk Elephant Babyfacial mask weekly recently, so this will be my back up when that (expensive AF) mask runs out.
Moisturizing Moon Mask: This is a super thick moisturizer mask, and will probably be amazing for winter months when my skin gets more dry.
Super Glow: I returned this serum immediately. It’s SO thin, it literally dripped off of my face and barely absorbed, and I had to wash my face about 20 minutes after applying it because I felt greasy.
Milky Jelly Cleanser: I expected to like this the least, but I was very surprised! I didn’t use any makeup remover or my Clarisonic, and it still dissolved even my mascara. Keeper! I’ve been using it as my travel face cleanser.
Solution: The website mainly promoted this as an liquid exfoliant treatment but the actual packaging prominently states its primary use is acne treatment. It has great reviews, but I returned it before even trying it out – it had a really harsh chemical smell, and my skin is super sensitive & I get hivey (and on occasion, swollen and/or leaky), so I didn’t want to take any risks.

I am SUPER impressed with Glossier’s customer service: you have to email CS with return requests, which was answered almost immediately (on a holiday weekend!), and processed the return for me very quickly with absolutely no hassle. Honestly, because of this, I’ll continue shopping with them and am looking forward to trying out other products.

I will never not get excited when Halloween season starts. Even though the kitch factor might be a little high for me at a lot of the shops, I still get giddy for the season & to see the overall Spook have its moment in the sun (moon? dark & stormy night?). I loved this ceramic container I found at Michael’s!

Sphere and Sundry: Astrologically imbued talismans, with offers devoted to various elections and deities. I am a HUGE fan of the assortment of oils, bath soaks, and intentional waters & sprays that I have been using from S&S this year.

Not necessarily a current favorite, or even a Needful Thing, but I am stuck on a The End is Nigh and Here Are Some Omens streak lately: earthquakes, floods, eclipses, and a swarm of locust around the pyramids (ok, grasshoppers around the Luxor in Vegas, but locust sounds much more ominous). Maybe it’s because I watched Good Omens last month, maybe it’s because we all got kicked into another reality a few years ago. A turtle fell out of the heavens onto my house in between the eclipses, and that’s close enough to raining fish or pigs flying for me.

Instagram Tarot Pulls: I’ve been doing one card Tarot pulls on IG this summer and I am SO happy to be doing this with you all. Truthfully, they are a *little* daunting, I was not expecting as many submissions as I received each round, but I will be doing my very best to answer each question that is sent in. Next round will be open in about two weeks, right around the New Moon. I’ve had a few requests for private readings, and I am working on getting past my imposter syndrome to start taking on clients.

Postcards From The Liminal Space: I’m SO into this oracle deck from the owners of Everyday Magic. It’s straight forward and gives no fucks, and frequently calls me out on my bullshit. It also shuffles better than any other deck I’ve ever used before.

Rompers – I have accepted my fate as someone that pees naked. I immediately ordered a backup of this one from Shein, and have a Haute Comfy plan for this one from Fox Blood. Rompers and kimonos are the aesthetic I’m going for this summer, and I know that Sarah Elizabeth is also down for it.

Honorable Mentions:

Buffy rewatch for the thousandth time // Obsessively organizing out of my closets (see Stacked) // Blobfish Emojis – this does exist, search the iphone app store // Biscoff Cookie Butter // Apres Nails because I decided I can commit but I’m not looking to put a ring on it // trimming the edges off of oracle cards that are too big for my hands (thanks for the idea, Jess!) // garden fantasies // Amy’s Vegan Pizza covered in Siracha // finding mixtapes from the 1990s