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Summer Storms: Smokey and Garden Quartz

A summer storm inspired collection of quartz: pieces that are reminiscent to me of the hot days here in the Deep Southern Swamp. Each afternoon, the humid day finds a line of dark clouds filling the sky during our rainy season, and a torrent of rain comes down for a brief spell. The day turns dark, it signals a small break time for me – the ambient lighting dims save for flashes of lightening and my prayer candles, and the drops start to beat on the windows, drumming me into almost a trance.

Each of the pieces in this collection is an association to me with these summer storms. Selections include the darkest black Smokey Quartz, blue smokey Colombian Quartz, and beautiful included Garden Quartz. As I write this, the skies have clouded over and the rain has started falling in a perfect syncopated pattern, perfectly coinciding with my intention for describing these pieces.

Some further personal notes regarding this collection: I originally began grouping these pieces together as a “Summertime Sadness” compilation. This season has found me not necessarily melancholy, but introspective and dwelling very much in my head, oscillating between a deep longing for the “what ifs”, “what’s next”, and the silence of solitude. As always, I hand selected each of these pieces, and had not taken them out for many months. This summer they called to me, and I realized that they were inspiring a happiness in me when I’d have them unpacked, a soft, uplifting sense of stability and contentedness, a release from an over traveled train of thought and over anticipation of the next steps. A simple, calm moment, akin to being in a garden in the start of a rainstorm.

To me, these pieces are all the stages of that storm and the intensity that can churn within. The smokey quartz is the darkest black natural quartz that I have ever seen, a solid, opaque shadow – the heavy clouds that roll in, pregnant with the purifying rains. Each piece Garden Quartz contains a swirling silverish storm within, watching the winds and rain through a window, and the Colombian blue smokey wands are the lifting of the clouds, that moment where the sky transitions from a yellow back to clarity.

Quartz, as we have discussed before, is an amplifier. I feel these pieces personify and magnify these summer storm moments, moments that I always find to reset me from whatever depth I’ve fallen into internally.

As in the previous few releases, preview videos are now available on Instagram (@HauteMacabre) with a direct link to purchase in the Haute Macabre shop. Pictured above is the smaller of the Colombian Blue Smoke Quartz wands that is available.