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Vintage Occult, Astrology, and Spiritualist Books: Haute Macabre Library Update

The Haute Macabre Library Update is now live!

These vintage occult titles are available now in the Haute Macabre Library. Please note that each of these is a previously loved book, and may contain marks within the texts and/or imperfections on the cover.

Montague Summers: The History of Witchcraft
The History of Witchcraft is a fascinating and horrifying book written by a serious priest who was consistent in his belief in the inseparable connection between the supernatural and witchcraft.

This is a documented account of certain aspects of witchcraft, a subject as old as the world – and by witchcraft meaning sorcery, black magic, necromancy, secret divination, satanism and every kind of malign occult art imaginable. Full of interest to the theologian, the psychologist and the historian, The History of Witchcraft is written from a “medieval” standpoint, that is it maintains an absolute and complete belief in the supernatural, and hence in witchcraft. What is really unique about this book will become apparent if one contrasts Montague Summers’ book with the apologetic articles on witchcraft in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Summers’ views on witchcraft and demonology differ considerably fro the public picture now presented by Catholic encyclopedists and apologists. He was not ashamed of the great excesses committed in the 17th and 18th centuries, on the contrary, he vigorously defends everything the church ever did to extirpate witchcraft and heresy. And so he has provided us with what is actually the best account of the Roman Catholic version of the history of witchcraft and the Church’s fight against it.

Colin Wilson: The Mammoth Book of the Supernatural
The most comprehensive survey of the supernatural and the occult ever written. Discover the earth’s hidden energies and ancient mysteries.

This vast compendium covers the history and practice of occultism from primitive man to the present day. It surveys the entire spectrum of the paranormal from ghosts, poltergeists and precognition to psychic detection, reincarnation, Factor X, alternative earth history and expanded consciousness.

Vampires, doppelgängers, the theory of elementals, witchcraft, magicians, and Odic forces are described, analyzed and explained alongside the mysteries of crop circles, Ley lines, Atlantis, standing stones and a new look on the Lock Ness monster. There are remarkable case histories of paranormal phenomena, including the phantom drummer of Tedworth, Guy Playfair and the psychic surgery, the possession of the Louviers nuns, the experience of living under a v voodoo curse, and examinations of vampires and sexual perversion, poltergeists, visions of the past and hundreds more.

Ouspenksy, the Brahan Seer, John Dee, Aleister Crowley, the Magus of Strovolos, Nostradamus, Rasputin and Madame Blavatsky are among the many occultists from different ages who crows the pages of this fascinating and provocative encyclopedic book.

Visconti Tarots
Originally commissioned to Bonifacio Bembo by Francesco Sforza, Duke in Milan in A.D. 1450, the Visconti Tarots are considered one of the greatest and most extraordinary examples of Renaissance Art. The meaning and history of the beautiful allegories remained a mystery for years, inspiring countless generations to study the Tarot and medieval symbolism. It is rare however that the worlds of art history and divination, so different from one another, walk hand in hand.

In this book the esoterist Tiberio Gonard explores the Divinatory meanings of the most ancient Tarot deck in existence, showing the original structure of this complex discipline. Giordano Berti, one of the most important Tarot historian in the work, introduces the scientific and historical research on symbolism and Tarot history, gathered over years of study on the original documents of the Italian Renaissance.

Please note this is NOT accompanied by a card deck.
paperback, 2002. First English edition. 159p

Eden Gray: The Tarot Revealed
The very work Tarot seems to strike a hidden chord – the love of mystery – in the hearts of many when they first look upon the strange and beautiful cards of the Tarot pack. Questions are asked immediately. Are they used to divine the future? What is their history? What is the meaning of the symbols that appear on each card? What have they meant – and what do they still mean – to the student of the occult?

The complex and sometimes obscure character of most of the books on the subject has acted as a barrier rather than to help people who are attracted to these ancient cards and would like to understand and use them. I have therefore tried in this book to present the ancient lore of the tarot in a form that the beginning student can utilize. I have carefully extracted the original, basic meanings of the cards from a number of authentic sources, stressing those symbols that have persisted beneath the many guises the Tarot has assumed throughout the centuries.

Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology
This book is a goldmine of information for anyone who can read an astrological chart. Its contents will aid in the interpretation of every chart you work on. The thoroughly indexed and cross-referenced text covers:
General medicine – planetary influences for every condition, natural or pathological.
Alphabetical listings for each Sign, Luminary and Planet, indicating “Diseases of Aries,” “Diseases of Mars,” “Diseases Ruled by the Sun,” etc.
Animals and animal diseases
Non-medical information on colors liked, foods, physical appearance, voice – everything that appeals or affects our physical body and the senses.

hardcover, 1972. 958p.

A Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs
A delightfully mischievous collection of potions, herbs, prescriptions, and recipes, this dictionary reveals many intriguing ways for lovers to enrich a relationship. Sprinkled throughout the love manual quotations and insights are seven recipes to stimulate the gourmet lover using ingredients described in the book. 2-color line drawings.

Encyclopedia of Astrology
This is the first exhaustive Encyclopedia of Astrology to be issued in America, with the exception of James Wilson’s Dictionary, first issued in England in 1885 – and is now a collector’s item. In addition, it will prove a valuable source of reference for those mildly curious ones who desire to gain a correct picture of what modern Astrology purports to be: even those whose interest is prompted by an intention to refute or debunk it out of knowledge instead of uninformed prejudice.

1947 hardcover. 435p

“Here, Mr. Splitfoot” An Informal Exploration into Modern Occultism
The Fox Sisters of Rochester, NY, may have turned out ultimately to be toe-cracking frauds, but it wither debut that opened the door to the golden age of the psychic on both sides of the Atlantic. In point of fact, the rapping and the knocking of a Fox seance is but one tiny episode i Robert Somerlott’s hugely entertaining, sometimes appalling eerie, exploration into that region of psychic phenomena known as – The Unexplained. It is a story that ranges back to the Elizabethans and forward to today, but the bulk of it lies I the nineteenth century, when occult stardom shone most brightly.

Consider the great Eusapia Palladino of Naples, “the Amazon of the occult,” whose trials and tribulations in proving her powers easily dispel any notion of a happy medium. The fact that she was caught in fraud on occasion has obscured her many feats of genuine telekinesis, for she could, in a trance, move heavy furniture and confound the severest of her investigators. But it was Mrs. Leonora Piper of Boston who outdid them all. Outwardly the most ordinary of women, she still defies any explanation. The Famous 1889 “Uncle Jerry” test, in which she answered questions about certain audience’s relatives about whom she could not possibly have known before, including facts even they did not know, makes her the most disturbing riddle a materialist can encounter.

Ascribe these powers to whatever one will, to ESP or mental telepathy or spirited ghosts, after reading “Here, Mr. Splitfoot,” find ignoring the whole matter very difficult indeed. Robert Somerlott is the very opposite of the insistent and humorless crank dealing with the occult. He presents the people, places, and phenomena of that strange world in the context of historical happening and reported event, giving one much on which to reflect, no matter what one’s disposition is on the side of belief or disbelief: he makes it impossible not to feel a certain chill breeze on the neck as one reads about Daniel Dunglas Home, a charming gentleman with powers of flight and self-elongation; about the witch-driven Bell family of Robertson County, TN; about the spectral revels at the Vermont house of the dour Eddy brothers, a house that was known, in the 1870s, to Madame Blavatsky and the many others who attended, as “The Spirit Capital of the Universe” – all guaranteed to leave one coldly up in the air.

With wit and erudition and above all with passionate objectivy, the other of The Inquisitor’s House looks through an occult kaleidoscope of tantalizing mystery. The Epworth Parsonage, the Borley rectory, spirit photography, cross-correspondence, crystal gazing, fortune telling, witches and warlocks of California cults, the story of Edgar Cayce, the predictions of Jean Dixon, Arthur Ford, and Carroll Righter, the question of prophecy and free will – all this and much, much more is unveiled here in an urbane yet haunting book that strikes a marvelous balance between healthy skepticism and the firm conviction that there are, indeed, Horatio, a few things conventional science has not yet explained.

Hardcover, 1971. 311p

Mediums of the 19th Century
A two volume set overview of the history of Spiritualism of the 19th Century in America and England.

hardcover, no dust jackets. 1963

Nador Fodor: Encyclopaedia of Psychic Study
This book contains a fair sample of the kind of material which will be encountered by a student who decides to enter on the quest of studying psychic science. A very complete encyclopedia on the issues of psychical research and spiritualism. The inquirer needs no initiation, no preparation, no mystic disposition and no special faculties to learn from this text. Illustrated throughout
hardcover, 1969. 416p.

Phrenology: A Practical Guide to Your Head
In an age of anxiety, phrenology offers a positive alternative to the ambiguity of psychoanalysis or the fatalism of astrology. The Fowlers’ Phrenology: A Practical Guide to Your Head expounds upon this science which reached its greatest popularity during the Jacksonian era. With an imperturbable faith in the perfectibility of man, the authors decipher individual personalities according to categorical traits and propose a specific course of action appropriate to each subject.

The central concept of this book is that physical form expresses the innermost recesses of the soul which is divided into 37 “compartments”: cautiousness, veneration, mirthfulness, acquisitiveness, amativeness, ideality, sublimity, destructiveness, and constructiveness to name a few. The degree of each characteristic is determined by the measurements of exterior shapes, such as the size of the skull section where they are located.

hardcover, 1969. 201p

Doreen Valiente: Witchcraft for Tomorrow
Since the publication of her previous books on witchcraft, Doreen Valiente has received many letters asking -How can I find a witches’ coven? How can I become a witch?- This book gives the answers. It tells you what the old religion of witchcraft has to offer the new age; how the ago-old Craft of the Wise can be practiced in the modern world; how to initiate yourself and start your own coven. The author has been a practicing witch since 1953, and in this book she gives a new Book of Shadows (the witch’s handbook of rituals and instructions) based upon ancient magical tradition but geared to present times. Included are spells, incantations, witch songs, and practical advice on how to run a coven and how to acquire your own collection of magical implements.

Starhawk: Dreaming the Dark
In Dreaming the Dark, Starhawk, the witch, brings her mystic gifts to the burning social concerns of the day. the world and everything in it is alive and filled with energy, she tells us. Through understanding this energy, we can create immanence, or power from within, to replace a tradition of power over others that has only led to social breakdown, exploitation of nature and the denial of our deepest, richest sexuality.

New additions to the Divination collection this month include these beautiful decks, now available. Pictured above is The Luminous Void shuffle edition.

Leila & Olive Ophidia Rosa Tarot

The Golden Thread Tarot