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Weekly Eyeball Fodder

For the past year or so over in my Instagram stories, I’ve been sharing a collection of the art that tickles my eyeballs. Usually on a nightly basis, although sometimes I do get a little lazy about it. It’s a “semi-regular” thing at this point, I suppose you might say.

I think this urge to seek out and share incredible pieces of art and new-to-me artists is a bit of a holdover from my Tumblr days–and I know, I know, I am always nattering on about Tumblr, but when I find a platform I love and grow attached to it (see also: Live Journal) I’m always looking for a replacement after the thing inevitably turns sour. I didn’t use Tumblr for much more than sharing and reposting arts, but for a long time, it was a fantastic medium for just that. Now, not so much, and I won’t belabor the point, but I did go into why that is over in our recent interview with digital collage artist Robin Isely.

Once a week(ish) from here on out I will be gathering up those eyeball-thrilling arts from my stories and sharing them with you over here at Haute Macabre in a Weekly Eyeball Fodder installment. This first batch will include a few from over the past year, and going forward I will endeavor to keep it more current, and I will always include the artist’s name and the title of the piece if they’ve noted it, as well as a link to their Instagram account. This will be sans commentary or additional info from me, as I don’t want to color your impressions of it, or overload your senses with too much data, or ruin your fun if you find an artist you love and want to do a little research and find out more about them on your own. Which I hope you will!

Of course–you know me! If there’s an artist I fall madly, ridiculously in love with, no doubt we will be revisiting them here again in the form of a profile or an interview… so as always, keep checking back!

“If I only could…” by @@mr_werewolf // Jakub Rozalski


By @diannesutherlandartist // Dianne Sutherland


From “le loup” series by @emanuela.cau // Emanuela Cau


By @knightysphotography // Dylan Knight


“20 Seconds before the Rain” by @frankmoth // Frank Moth Art


“Past, Present and Future” by @rebeccachaperon // Rebecca Chaperon


“Self Portrait” by @polina.washington // Polina Washington


“The Starry Serpent” by @devinellekurtz // Devin Elle Kurtz


…and this last one that I can’t look at without getting weepy, from @storiesfromspace // Geneva Ryan Lore


The featured image in this installment of Weekly Eyeball Fodder is by @checanty // Jana Heidersdorf