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Haute Macabre Library & Crystal Sale

From now until the full moon this Friday the 13, please use code “Virgo” at checkout for 20% off the complete selection of the Haute Macabre library and all crystals.

Is is rare that I am able to offer a sale, but I am extending this as an expression of gratitude for the support that I have received over these past few months. Sharing my love and fascination with books and crystal beings via Haute Macabre has been an exceptionally fulfilling endeavor for me, and has given me a sense of not only joy, but stability in a sense of self and community – a shared passion that I am honored that you allow me to participate in.

Flourite Bowls 

Ascend, Ascend

Scolecite Palm Stones

The Haute Macabre Sigil Planner

The Truth Is We Are Perfect

Fluorite Points

Vintage Encyclopedia of Astrology


Vintage The History of Witchcraft

Rose Quartz Towers

Salt is For Curing

Selenite Bowls

Monthly Magickal Record

Vintage Encyclopedia of Psychic Science