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Persephone’s Descent

Persephone’s Descent: Black Moonstone, Garnet, & Black Kyanite will be posted on the Haute Macabre IG feed & stories tomorrow { Monday, 09.30.19 } at 11AM CST. Pieces will include Black Moonstone & Garnet Spheres, various sized Black Moonstone Palm Stones, and Black Kyanite Fans.

This collection of pieces is grouped together as an homage to our own personal voyages through the dark. It is now autumn in the northern hemisphere, and we have just had both the equinox and the first new moon of the season: a darkness in an elongated night, a call to confront what may lurk inside, unseen.

It has been within this discomfort I have found myself the last seasons. I have discussed it more openly than I am typically inclined to do in public forums, but I realize that my discomfort – both in sharing and my actual mental state – are both influenced and influencing my choices in the crystals that I select and surround myself with. These presented in this collection are no different, I find myself lost in their darkness and guided by their flashes, I find my way through their thought groves and star maps.

My connection to Persephone is one that I feel runs a common thread between many of us within our community: we are beings out of a familiar realm, perhaps existing in a world that feels at times alone, however unburdened by wearing the crown of darkness. We are able to glide seamlessly between the spaces of light and dark, and are deeply affected by each.

Some notes on the crystal species that I have selected for this group:


Named after the Latin word for “pomegranate”, and linked to the Persephone myth, in which the goddess was kidnapped by Pluto and brought to the underworld to rule as his queen. Use this stone to protect and guide you to and from your trips to the underworld. A highly protective stone, it acts as a deflective armor: any harm meant onto you will bounce back onto your enemies.

These glittering blood red stones will assist in healing trauma while diving into your deepest self, helping to remove your inhibitions, and boost your confidence and self worth, similar to the carnelian.

A small selection of Garnet spheres will be available.

Black Moonstone:

Black Moonstone is associated with the darker aspects of the lunar goddesses, with the darker aspects of the Triple Faced Hecate and her wisdom. They are the Dark Moon, the waning moon, the period of recovery between the light. Please do not infer this to mean they are any less powerful than their rainbow sisters, it does not. They are the protective cloak of the dark crone, the inked out moon still silhouetted in the sky amongst the glittering diamonds, always there, always hanging above, high and heavy.

These are for use in times of rest, when your potential energy is growing within. They are for times of healing, regenerating, planting the seeds of manifestation cast during the dark moon to grow with the lunar light. They are workers within the Shadow Self, honing darker aspects and directing those attributes towards a total fulfillment of self. Black Moonstone will assist you in shedding aspects of your psyche that no longer serve you and have only haunted your dark corners, especially when threaded with peach moonstone, as many of these spheres presented here are. 

Black Moonstone will work with improving your psychic intuition. Their silvery sheen and threads ghosting across them, phantom flashes of insight against their dark bodies. This intuition comes with comfort in the dark instead of a fear of the unknown. There is nothing to fear in the dark when you yourself are complete and absolved in the darkness, released from the scrutiny of light.

A selection of Black Moonstone spheres, palm stones, and free standing forms will be available.

Black Kyanite:

Black Kyanite is a bridge between lives – not alternative time Iines, but those of your past and your future selves, and the liminal periods in between. Clearing blocked energies, it “cuts the cord” between toxicity and negativity, a protective piece against psychic vampires and unhealthy attachments and habits. 

It does not need to be cleansed, as it will not hold the energies that it combats. Legend states that the Archangel Michael’s “Sword of Truth” was made of kyanite, however is it debated upon which color.

Black Kyanite fans, intuitively selected for you, will be available.

Persephone’s Descent: Black Moonstone, Garnet, & Black Kyanite will be posted on the Haute Macabre IG feed & stories Monday, 09.30.19 at 11AM CST

feature artwork of Persephone by Ayami Kojima