Shop Preview: Black Galaxy vIII | Haute Macabre

Shop Preview: Black Galaxy vIII

A preview of the next collection, a grouping of one of my favorite specimens: the glittering voids of Black Galaxy Amethyst.

Some thoughts from previous releases: Staring into a Black Galaxy Amethyst is a hypnotic event: the blackness of each is a glimmering abyss. Each specimen creates a calm void, but not a cold one. A rare form of amethyst that is a relatively new discovery, there is little information available on their formation or their healing properties, but in my personal opinion, and how I have been working with them, is by accepting the soothing healing properties of amethyst themselves, and applying this to my Shadow Self. I feel a surrender when I am working with these, a wholeness and acceptance of my Shadow Self, the darker parts, those that I need to accept in order to heal.

Expanding on these thoughts: I have now had the time to sit with the various pieces of BGA that have traveled through my hands, and I now realize that I have actively, if albeit unconsciously or coincidentally (although I don’t believe in coincidence), have been in a deep path of shadow work. Much of it is a dark place, an ugly distortion of how I *want* to be, but I have been facing these places with a small bit of bravery these past seasons. There are shimmers in the void, sparks of silver light that are made brighter by the surrounding darkness, complimenting one another and unable to exist as brilliantly on their own. I firmly believe that the presence of these pieces has been a guide through this darkness, a star map of the parts left unexplored for fear of the dark.

These pieces will be available on Thursday, September 19 at 11AM CST in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop

Black Galaxy #1
Black Galaxy #2
Black Galaxy #3
Black Galaxy #4
Black Galaxy #5
Black Galaxy #6
Black Galaxy #7
Black Galaxy #8
Black Galaxy #9
Black Galaxy #10
Black Galaxy #11

You may feel a shifting of the veils when you bring this piece into your life: the magnitude of these high vibrational formations may move the air in the room, allowing room for the shadows to take form.

I associate these crystals with The High Priestess card in the Tarot, the keeper of the mysteries, and the guardian of the threshold between this world and the mystical realm. Work with them, and her, in tandem, to begin to access this sacred Shadow space. I recommend charging them in both the Dark and the Full Moon, as they carry qualities of each, and allow the darkness and the light of the Moon’s phases to be absorbed into the glittering blackness.

These pieces previewed here will be available on Thursday, September 19 at 11AM CST in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop