Weekly Eyeball Fodder | Haute Macabre

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“The Eye Thief” by @i_justdraw // Allen Williams


@helenaether // Helena Aguilar Mayans


“Waxing” by @light_witch // Courtney Brooke


“Cosmic Venus Bloom” by @yinshadowz // Meagan Boyd


“femme fleur” by @_ofresia // monica merlo


“Dutch III” by @lindseycarrart // Lindsey Carr


“Elected” by @_grave_witness_ // Stuart Holland


Bonus Fodder!

I’m a sucker for a moody floral and there’s none moodier or prettier than those captured on film by our very own @liquidnight // Maika.  Seek out the #theresnothingprettierthanawetflower tag on Instagram and delight to your heart’s content in her keen eye and the lovely specimens from her enchanting garden.