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Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell

The now turned cult classic (at least, priced as such) “Diableries” is releasing a second edition later this month – naturally, its street date falls on Halloween.

Compiled by Brian May, Queen founding member turned astrophysicist, with Denis Pellering and Paula Richardson Fleming, both photo historians, the group has revitalised the nineteenth century French fascination with tableaux depicting life in hell, better known as Diableries.

In France, around 1860, from the loins of a traditional national fascination with all things diabolical, was born a new sensation – a series of visionary dioramas depicting life in a strange parallel universe called ENFER – Hell – communicated to an eager audience by means of stereoscopic cards, to be viewed in the stereoscopes which had already become popular in the 1850s. This 3-D phenomenon, which fascinated a nation for 40 years, is yours to share. 

You may order the book directly from the publisher in the UK, or via Amazon.