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Waking Moon

Originally, I had intended this grouping of stones to be entitled “Persephone’s Ascent”, in a response to the last collection release. Those stones were grouped for the New Moon, the darkness, the mark of the beginning of longer nights and the steps down into the Underworld.

That was just one half of a lunar cycle ago. How can we claim to have descended, explored, and faced the darkness in the time the moon has waxed from darkness back into light? The shadow realms are vast and encompassing, a journey into the depths of our deepest selves.

This past week, I had a beautiful and terrifying Tarot reading from the incredible Angelika of Sister Temperance Tarot. The central message from the spirits were a continuation of the messages conveyed to me this past May, through Sarah Faith Gottessdiener (another true conduit of What is Beyond) : you are doing the Work, but now you must descend into your shadow. It shall be raw and unhinged, a path through the darkness within. It will detach me, alienate me, and ultimately heal me.

I think of this now while I am meditating on these stones: they are pieces of light, pieces that I find similar to the full moon, a body grown from the dark, a compliment to the blinding light of the sun. I have had the collection outside since twilight on October 13 (covered during daylight hours) and shall remain through the morning of October 14, to bask and soak up the energies of this full moon in the crisp air of the Louisiana bayou. I feel this moon is a physical and psychical reminder that it is now time for me to enter into the dark, and not to be afraid, as I have these lights.

Please visit the Haute Macabre Instagram profile and stories for images/videos of each individual piece available to purchase for guidance through your journey, tomorrow morning – Monday, October 14, at 11AM CST.


These beautiful orbs contain a shy, secret flash, that like a star, you can’t always see when looking directly at them. Sisters to Labradorite, who are the Magician’s Stone and contain the aura borealis, Moonstone belongs to the High Priestess, shimmering with lunar glow. Keeper of the mysteries and protectors of travelers, Moonstone is an important crystal for those embarking on new journeys and identifying cycles and current phases of life, much like the moon’s phases of darkness and light. 

Moonstone is said to enhance psychic energy and assist in parting the veils. An ancient Indian lore believed that placing moonstone in your mouth at the full moon would allow you to see the future. 

An assortment of moonstone spheres, palmstones, and an egg are available.

Tourmalated Quartz Spheres

Black Tourmaline is considered one of the most prominent and important metaphysical stones: it acts as a complete psychic armor and auric cleanser, deflecting and even repelling negative energy. This energetic deflection and cleanse is both internal and external, helping you to shed anxious or obsessive thoughts and behaviors, protecting you from your inner turmoil and self-inflicted negativity, which, as we all know, can be as detrimental as external influences.

Acting as a shield against the negative effects of high stressful situations and people, black tourmaline keeps your own auric and energetic field calm and regulated. It repels against psychic debris, while transmuting these harmful energies into something useful (much like my usage of Labradorite). A grounding, calming stone, Black Tourmaline is an ally and strong tool in the realm of psychic self defense.

These spheres powerfully amplify their Black Tourmaline inclusions. The protective threads of tourmaline through the tower get an energetic boost from their quartz enclosures, working within the light and the shadow elements of yourself. Quartz offers purification and energetic cleansing of their environments, and combined with the tourmaline clear patterns of personal destructive behavior.

Scolecite is cosmic and calming. Activating your upper chakras, third eye, and connecting to Kether, light moves through in waves. I handle scolecite and feel as if I am floating on a sea of iridescent milk, a cooling touch, a safe cavern of ice {slide}. 

Scolecite gives me a similar vibration as Lemurian Seed Crystals do, a sense of serenity and connection. It is not as inter-dimensional as Lemurians, I still feel as if I am within my own body, but an ethereal hyper connection and bridge between my physical and psychic selves.

Scolecite spheres are available in this release, with palmstones available in the Haute Macabre catalogue.

Selenite works in a similar fashion to quartz, clearing and energizing auric fields, magickal tools, and other crystals. I frequently “recharge” my other crystals or tarot cards by placing them on selenite to reset them after specific workings. These Full Moon Selenite Disks are the perfect surface for such cleansings.

A Full Moon Selenite Disk will be energetically selected for you.

Please visit the Haute Macabre Instagram Monday, 10.14.19 at 11AM CST for videos of each piece available in the collection to purchase.