“Whipping Waves”: Alice Auaa A/W 2019-2020 | Haute Macabre

“Whipping Waves”: Alice Auaa A/W 2019-2020

Alice Auaa is a dark couture house we have long loved here at Haute Macabre, having featured many of their fantastical, phantasmagorical runway shows and collections over the years.

Avant-garde, romantic designs that deal in dualities such as beauty and decay, light and shadow, designer Yasutaka Funakoshi of Alice Auaa filters these concepts through a decadent and surreal midnight eye.

From flouncy, ruffled Gothic Lolita shapes to seductive, dangerous S&M-inspired flourishes, the ensembles call to mind “…the deconstructed beauty of a pretty princess who has jumped through a mirror, and emerged in a Grimm-like storybook world full of shadows.” And time and again, with the emergence of each new collection from the glooms of the witching hour, we are HERE FOR IT.

“Whipping Waves,” Alice Auaa’s 2019-2020 A/W collection, is replete with flowing, voluminous, cocoon-imous shapes and constructions that feel both lavish and minimalist, lux and austere, and, if I am being honest, one of my favorites so far. I may have screeched in genuine pleasure when I saw that hooded jumpsuit! Perfect for my goth radish sensibilities. I’ll take two, please!

Author: S. Elizabeth

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  1. My past Lolita self always remembers Alice Auaa’s designs being in the Gothic Lolita Bible! Nostalgic and overtly gothic indeed..