Full Moon in Taurus: Moonstone, Fluorite, Selenite, & Smokey Quartz | Haute Macabre

Full Moon in Taurus: Moonstone, Fluorite, Selenite, & Smokey Quartz

This week’s crystal offerings: Moonstone points, Smokey Quartz clusters, purple Mexican Fluorite, and Selenite spheres & full moon disks.

These selections were charged under the full moon overnight from November 11 – 12 in the swamp surrounding New Orleans. Full preview videos will be posted to the HM Instagram profile and stories on Wednesday, November 20, with links to purchase.

Smokey Quartz is a grounding auric and atmospheric cleanse. Believed to be a psychopomp, guiding souls to the underworld, and in that, assists you in letting go of what no longer serves you. A strong ally in psychic protection, smokey quartz is an extremely grounding stone and alleviates stress.

Twelve clusters will be available.

Selenite works in a similar fashion to quartz, clearing and energizing auric fields, magickal tools, and other crystals. I frequently “recharge” my other crystals or tarot cards by placing them on selenite to reset them after specific workings. These Full Moon Selenite Disks are the perfect surface for such cleansings.

Full Moon Selenite Disks and Spheres will be released, one shall be energetically selected for you.

Sisters to Labradorite, who are the Magician’s Stone and contain the aura borealis, Moonstone belongs to the High Priestess, shimmering with lunar glow. Keeper of the mysteries and protectors of travelers, Moonstone is an important crystal for those embarking on new journeys and identifying cycles and current phases of life, much like the moon’s phases of darkness and light. 

Moonstone is said to enhance psychic energy and assist in parting the veils. An ancient Indian lore believed that placing moonstone in your mouth at the full moon would allow you to see the future. 

Thirteen moonstone points are available.

Fluorite assists with mental clarity and focus, allowing for concentration on the task at hand while minimizing distraction. Extremely effective at blocking electromagnetic at computer stress, it may be one of the most important stones in your protective armor in this era of compulsive glances at notifications and endless scrolling.

When discussing these pieces with Jess, she said, “They make me think of ‘ultra violet’ protective light. Genius stones. I always have one around when I’m working and sometimes when I’m having a hard time I imagine I’m really super tiny and sitting on one of the cliffs with a bowl of noodles and a soda and a good book.”.

These pieces range from nearly translucent lavender to close to pitch black, displaying the full range of shadow spectrum to me. Black fluorite can assist with driving away nightmares, which I believe can occur in both our sleep, and in our waking hours.

The piece pictured above is backlit, without that illumination it appears opaque.

These selections shall be available Wednesday, November 20 with preview images and video on the Haute Macabre Instagram.