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Haute Macabre Small Business Special: Meet the Sponsors 2019 edition


APATICO is a fashion line by artist & designer Megan Bishop (MCAD BFA, Illustration, 2006).  After years of fancy millinery work, Apatico branched out into harnesses and accessories using PVC and leather.  Each piece is designed and made by hand in her Seattle studio with an emphasis on great design, unique materials, attention to detail, and fit.  Taking inspiration from fetish fashion, dark fantasy, clubkids, goth and punk styles, each piece makes a strong statement and becomes a transformative focal point for any outfit. 

Apatico has been worn on the red carpet at the Met Gala, in music videos, on performers, been featured in Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, etc and is listed on Bound NYC’s curated fetishwear guide. 

Custom sizing is always available and always free. 
Black Friday sales include 40% off sitewide Friday 11/29-Mon 12/2.

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The Art of Alexandra Winthrop

Alexandra Winthrop is a tattoo artist and colored pencil illustrator based out of Chicago’s northwest side. Her artwork, heavily inspired by equal doses of natural history and the supernatural, manifests creatures and revenants on a spectrum from humorous to unhallowed.  Trilobites that crawl forth from past ire, inexplicably haunted Halloween candy, and skeletal heralds of dire omens are all lovingly rendered with meticulous detail and a rich palette. Alexandra offers her work as giclée prints, framed originals, enamel pins, and stickers

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Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

Goth skincare and bath products for those who live on the dark side. Normal is overrated. Hand made, small batch. Made in NYC, by goths, for everyone.

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eidol takes design cues from the early 20th century and combines machine stitching with traditional French leathercrafting techniques to create unique, beautiful, durable and practical accessories for living in the 21st century.

Maria Curran has worked with leather for almost 20 years.  As an indie designer, she loves the problem solving and endless opportunities to learn that are presented in leathercraft. She is firmly committed to creating and constructing her work herself, without compromise, in her San Francisco workshop.

Use code “notaphase” for $25 off your order of $70 or more!

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The Imaginary Bookshop

The Imaginary Bookshop creates literary-themed gift sets to pair with our carefully curated selection of excellent books. We also offer custom teas, curiosities, a handful of cats, and a curse or two. You know, normal bookshop things. On our blog and in our newsletter we talk a lot about Shirley Jackson and offer solid book advice.  

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Little Black Bats

Betty specializes in making jewelry and accessories out of shrink plastic. From cute and creepy to odd and macabre, she finds inspiration from the things that go bump in the night, lurk in the shadows, and live on the dark side of the moon.

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Little Whip

Apparel and accessories for power, pain and pleasure.

Use code “VELVET” Black Friday weekend for 30% off your order.

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Moontower Mala

My name is Denee’, and I am the sole owner and creator of Moontower Mala. I am a (very) small, independently run business, and have been operating for under a year (officially).

I intuitively design, craft, and create malas and meditation tools to help calm the chaotic mind. I believe meditation is important to one’s health and well being. I also believe meditation transcends religion and belief systems. Meditation can be, and should be, utilized by anyone.

A mala can be a spiritual devise or a piece of beautiful jewelry. It can also quite simply be a visually appealing tool to count your breath. Malas are a tool for meditation, and are use how YOU want them to be used. I, myself am a solitary practitioner – a little solo witch who relies heavily on meditation before and after ritual to assist in grounding and to calm my mind. 

My malas are created in what I believe is an intuitive manner. I sometimes select gemstones based on the metaphysical properties the stones are known to have, or I let my intuition guide selection, based on touch or a twinkle in my eye. More often than not, the stones I have selected in this manner complement each other in their healing properties.  I use the finest gemstones, purchased locally. I tie in either hemp cording or nylon.  Each mala is hand tied by me, and cleansed with the full moon (or sage if it is needed prior to the full moon) and given a sound bath with my singing bowls or tingshas before shipping.

I reside in Austin, Texas and my name, Moontower Mala, is taken from the moonlight towers that are spread throughout our city. Austin is the only known city in the world to still utilize moontowers. In the 19th century they were street lighting, and utilized before the incandescent street lighting was the norm. There are 14 surviving moontowers in Austin (and yes, are referenced in Linklater’s movie, Dazed and Confused).

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The Pretty Cult

The Pretty Cult was founded in 2012 by Arielle Salsa. All designs and creations manifest within the Haus of Cult studio located in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from powerful women, music, tarot and the occult; The Pretty Cult blurs the line between fashion and the Rock & Roll lifestyle. 

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Ropework Couture best describes the signature style of the German fashion brand ROHMY.

Every collection embraces the female body combining either classical and elegant or modern and asymmetrical silhouettes with ROHMY´s signature hand braided stripes. The dresses are comfortable to wear, because one of the most important things for the designer is the functionality and wear comfort of the design. Everything from idea to finished product is handmade in Germany and will be made in the customers measurements including all sizes. The customers can choose the colours of the fabric and ropes as well as talk about alterations of the design to let ROHMY create a unique piece only for them.

Myriam, the designer behind ROHMY is a Karlsruhe- born talent who grew up with her sister and musician parents in a small village in the Black Forest region. After her graduation as a bespoke tailor she studied fashion design and eventually worked as a freelance designer and pattern maker after her final degree. In the beginning, she made her living mainly with creating historical costumes for museums and television documentaries, before she designed, photographed and published her first collection “Sirens” online. In 2012 a few one of a kind pieces were offered in designer boutiques in Germany and Singapore, until she opened her Etsy shop in 2013.

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Unlovable is a collection of handmade jewelry and luxurious home goods inspired by Victorian mourning imagery, taxidermy, and Korean-Confucian death practices. Made by hand in Berkeley, California, Unlovable prioritizes sustainability by utilizing ethically sourced stones, partnering with local suppliers, and casting only in recycled sterling silver.

Now through the end of the year, 20% of proceeds go toward Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, a women-led indigenous group working to return Bay Area land to the stewardship of the Ohlone people. 

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Veneration of Light

Living near the tempest prone shores of the northern coast of California, Heather Allison’s work is shaped by fog filled skies and moody beaches. Best known for her pensively lit still life photographs of exotic and domestic ephemera, Heather arranges taxidermy, flowers, bones and books into dramatic compositions reminiscent of vanitas style Dutch master botanical paintings. Her photos dance the line between the macabre and the sublime: a nod to her love of Victorian memento mori, she venerates both equally. It was the sudden passing of a family member that inspired Heather to explore the transience of life through still life imagery. Whether the compositions are part of her Veneration of Light Collection, Cabinet of Curiosities, or Remnants Series, the images are meant to inspire inner contemplation and connection.

Pairing her work with antique frames, Heather marries the vanitas tradition with the scientific interests of the Victorian Era. The resulting one of a kind framed works have been featured both internationally and nationally: she also makes limited runs available of select works as unframed prints. Find beauty in decay with Veneration of Light.

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