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Aevum: An Improper Eternity

Aevum: the state between the timelessness of the gods and the existence of the mortal, an improper eternity.

13-year aged patchouli, incense smoke, burgundy tar oudh, teakwood, scorched driftwood, and clove.

A limited edition imp blend by my beloved Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab exclusively for Haute Macabre, our gift to you with every order placed in the Haute Macabre Shop, while supplies last. No code necessary.

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Dali. Tarot.

A beautiful gift set by Taschen including the complete 78 card deck by Salvator Dali and guide book inside a purple velour slip case.

Legend has it that when preparing props for the James Bond film Live and Let Die, producer Albert Broccoli commissioned Surrealist maestro Salvador Dalí to create a custom deck of tarot cards. Inspired by his wife Gala, who nurtured his interest in mysticism, Dalí eagerly got to work, and continued the project of his own accord when the contractual deal fell through.

The work was published in a limited art edition in 1984 that has since long sold out, making Dalí the first renowned painter to create a completely new set of cards. Drawing on Western masterpieces from antiquity to modernity (including some of his own), Dalí seamlessly combined his knowledge of the arcane with his unmistakable wit. The result is a surreal kaleidoscope of European art history.

Garnet Tumbled Stones

These glittering blood red stones will assist in healing trauma while diving into your deepest self, helping to remove your inhibitions, and boost your confidence and self worth, similar to the carnelian.

Lepidolite Palm Stones

A gentle helper while easing through the trauma of anxiety. Rather than simply releasing it, it assist you in navigating the field of landmines, working through the tension and the fear.

In these months that I have been experiencing this tension and this anxiety, lepidolite has pulled me back down to here and now and out of my head. Having a high lithium content, it has sedative qualities, enough to smooth the sharp edges but not dull the mind. Dissolving obsessive thought patterns, lepidolite will sooth you back to sleep during those insomnia hours.

Black Moonstone Palm Stones

Black Moonstone is associated with the darker aspects of the lunar goddesses, with the darker aspects of the Triple Faced Hecate and her wisdom. They are the Dark Moon, the waning moon, the period of recovery between the light. Please do not infer this to mean they are any less powerful than their rainbow sisters, it does not. They are the protective cloak of the dark crone, the inked out moon still silhouetted in the sky amongst the glittering diamonds, always there, always hanging above, high and heavy.

Raw Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz assists in lowering the gates and drawbridges of protection that have isolated us, without being abrasive or intrusive. It gently soothes the pain of the heart, a balm for grief and despair, a relief for trauma, and on a softer note, amplifies compassion, harmony, and soul connection. I personally have pieces of raw rose quartz throughout my bedroom, and will drop it in the tub with me when I am feeling particularly frayed and guarded to help me to come down from the tower I have locked myself within.

Black Moonstone Spheres

Black Moonstone will work with improving your psychic intuition. Their silvery sheen and threads ghosting across them, phantom flashes of insight against their dark bodies. This intuition comes with comfort in the dark instead of a fear of the unknown. There is nothing to fear in the dark when you yourself are complete and absolved in the darkness, released from the scrutiny of light.

The Carnival at the End of the World Tarot

The beautiful and mysterious Carnival at the End of the World Tarot by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick.

Spolia Tarot

Using images from history, from alchemy and mysticism, from mythology and the natural world to create a lush deck layered with meaning. The word “Spolia” means using rubble as building material. It also felt fitting for the time we are living in, as institutions, gender norms, religions, and ideas about how a society should function are all tumbling down and need to be rebuilt. We both believe that intuition and spirit are essential tools for guiding us through this process.

Spectralite Palm Stone

Spectralite is a darker, more intense form of Labradorite, the magician’s stone, bringing one’s deep magical powers to the surface, enhancing psychic abilities. 

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