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Black Moonstone Dreamers

Newly listed: a collection of Black Moonstone spheres, the conduits of the new moon, the High Priestess, here to usher in the energy for the upcoming new year / decade / era.

The energy of the new moon is one of rest – a potential energy, one that plants the seeds for the rise of the oncoming era. I have a slight apprehension connected to this coming new moon: an eclipse on a appropriated pagan high day, in the midst of worldwide turmoil. What malevolence is to be ushered in? What work is to be done in the new days, the next roaring twenties? We are deep in Persephone’s descent, struggling for the lights in the dark. Each of these spheres contains that spark, that first sign of silver light against the blackness. Be the keeper of the gates, holding the mysteries, and the darkness won’t be able to consume you.

I selected each of these while in a heightened psychic state, I anointed myself with a trance inducing oil to connect more deeply with the offerings. Each individual piece spoke to me directly, and within that trance state I feel that they will speak to you in that same way.

You may find previews of each available sphere on the Haute Macabre Instagram page and make your selection in the HM Shop.