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Eternal and Divinatory Objects: Tarot, Crystal, & Library Update

A brief update on divination, hand held crystals, and the Haute Macabre library’s new offerings and restocks, all available now and ready to ship.

I am currently working on our next large crystal release, which will include a special selection of Sericho Meteorite slabs, something I am eager to share with you all. In depth thoughts on these extraterrestrial beings forthcoming.

In an effort to make holiday deadlines, I will be shipping every 1-2 business days throughout the month starting today. Please note that international orders may not currently make holiday deadlines, however you may select priority international shipping at checkout for an expedited transit time.

Séance by Shannon Taggart

Forever fascinated by the occult, we were immediately interested in the work of American artist Shannon Taggart, first brought to our attention by the ever-inspiring Pam Grossman. Taggart specializes in documenting contemporary Spiritualism, which she first discovered in her teens when her cousin received a message from a medium that revealed details about her grandfather’s death.

Please visit the Haute Macabre article “Manifesting Spirits: SÉANCE by Shannon Taggart” for additional preview images and an in depth overview. 

Amethyst Root

Amethyst calms anger, frustration, and promotes a sense of calmness and peace. It aids in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia (I have long kept a large piece in my bedroom), and purges karmic baggage and imbalancement. It is also believed to assist in combating addictions and thought patterns, an excellent talisman to have during times of recovery from physical addictions. Stimulating the crown chakra, Amethyst creates a sense of connection to spiritual realms, creating serenity and peacefulness, something that we all strive to achieve.

The ancient Greeks believed that Bacchus, the god of wine, was angered one days and he set his tigers onto the maiden Amethyst, the first person he saw, to be devoured. The goddess Diana intervened, and turned Amethyst into a clear crystal to protect her from the attack. In his remorse, Bacchus poured the juice of his wine grapes over her stone form as an offering, turning the transparent stone into the purple gem we have today.

Black Kyanite Fans

Black Kyanite is a bridge between lives – not alternative time lines, but those of your past and your future selves, and the liminal periods in between. Clearing blocked energies, it “cuts the cord” between toxicity and negativity, a protective piece against psychic vampires and unhealthy attachments and habits. 

It does not need to be cleansed, as it will not hold the energies that it combats. Legend states that the Archangel Michael’s “Sword of Truth” was made of kyanite, however is it debated upon which color.

WTF is Tarot

Written by Bakara Wintner in a straight forward and candid voice, WTF is Tarot? …& How Do I Do It? has become my most reached for tarot book over the last few months. Bakara guides us through the journey of the cards with her direct tone, yet remains approachable and accessible – each of the Major Arcana is accompanied by a personal anecdote in addition to its divinatory meaning, while the Minor is presented in familial personifications. Illustrated by Autumn Whitehurst.

Wayhome Tarot

A set of truly stunning and resonant 78 cards by Bakara Wintner and Autumn Whitehurst, surprisingly luminous and sun- ny for an object with such depth, the Wayhome Tarot is a user-friendly deck intended for all levels of experience. The images weave in the magic of the mundane and imbue them with an enchantment that asks us to look a bit harder. The meeting place of the mystical and the quotidian is the heart of Wayhome Tarot, using symbols we see in our everyday lives to re-contextualize our daily human experience. One particularly dreamy evening on the porch, Autumn said each image could reason- ably be found on a single, winding walk through upstate New York…and suddenly everything seemed to hum “yes.”

*Wayhome Tarot does not come with a guidebook, but WTF is Tarot?… and how do I do it? is its natural companion, written by Bakara and and illustrated by Autumn.

Postcards From The Liminal Space Oracle Deck

Welcome to The Liminal Space. Chances are, you’re already here. In that silent airport, empty stairwell feeling of a place. In the inevitability and agony and aliveness of an unanswered now. The Liminal Space is the recognition of the present moment as a threshold, the awareness that we are in between what was and what will be. This sensation has always been and will forevermore be the reason why humans reach for magic. Transient, dark and unstable, those who dare to brave the void find themselves at the depth of the mystery. What is revealed behind these walls and under these floorboards will unearth the weakest and mightiest of our humanity and divinity. It is the muse of the bravehearts, seekers, artists, visionaries, scientists and philosophers. The potency of a fully realized present in its sometimes ugly but always beautiful truth.

You are not alone in this uncertain place.

Created by Christian Berry and Bakara Wintner, illustrated by Kaylee Christenson

The Witches’ Almanac: Spring 2020-2021 Stones: The Foundation of Earth

The theme of Issue 39 (Spring 2020-Spring 2021) is Stones: The Foundation of Earth, and among our lineup of obscurities is Hekate and the Twin TorchesCelestial Powers: Lightning Gods, Bolts from the BlueIntention, Attention, and Story-Telling – Notes Toward a General Theory of Magic Part IVStone Spelling: Delving Deeply into the Greek Alphabet Oracle and an in depth interview with Selena Fox.

Calendar pages date from December 21, 2019 – March 20, 2021.

Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck

This has been my personal go-to deck for years now, my cards (pictured) are now well worn, well loved, and have become one of my most loyal and trustworthy friends. I first purchased these because I sometimes have difficulty physically handling full sized cards, and they have since become my most used deck.

The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck in a Tin is a faithful reproduction of the original deck created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 under the direction of Arthur E. Waite. This classic tarot deck features full pictorial scenes in the muted colors chosen by “Pixie” herself. The deck was first issued in 2009 by U.S. Games Systems as part of the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set. The 80-card deck includes the standard 78 tarot cards plus 2 samples of Pixie’s non-tarot artwork.

Cards in this pocket-sized deck measure 2.25? x 3.75?. 

Spolia Tarot

A stunning 97 card deck of Tarot, elemental, and Zodiac cards by artist Jen May and writer Jessa Crispin.

Using images from history, from alchemy and mysticism, from mythology and the natural world to create a lush deck layered with meaning. The word “Spolia” means using rubble as building material. It also felt fitting for the time we are living in, as institutions, gender norms, religions, and ideas about how a society should function are all tumbling down and need to be rebuilt. We both believe that intuition and spirit are essential tools for guiding us through this process.

Each deck comes in a tuck case box with an instructional guide.  

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